D&A Starfish Guitar Stands Review

Starfish Guitar Stands – $55-70
PROS: Rock solid, won’t damage a nitro finish, easy to adjust, works with basses.
CONS: None.  

The new Starfish+ guitar stand (named for its five legs) from D&A delivers exactly what it promises: a rock-solid stand for your prized instrument, one that’s made to withstand the kicks, bumps and knocks of your typical stage or rehearsal room, and one that continually protects your axe from accidental damage.

Rather than the cheapo metal stands you find on clearance at Guitar Center, cough up an extra few bucks for a Starfish. Seriously, you just dropped two grand on that new PRS and you’re gonna rest it on a $9.99 stand? For starters, the Starfish is able to be tilted at angles up to 30 degrees without tipping (saving you from any “whoopsies” your drummer might inflict) and it’s super easy to fold up and move around if you want to set one up at a gig.

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Better yet, they lock your headstock in place, and they’re safe for all guitar finishes. So if you’ve got a nitro finished Gibson Les Paul, no need to worry like with those cheapos.

With the easy adjustment tabs, these stands can pretty much accommodate most guitars and basses, from your standard Strat and Tele styles guitars to the more pointy varieties (like my B.C. Rich Mockingbirds).

We can’t say enough great things about the Starfish stands from D&A. If you’re a klutz like me who still wants easy access to all his guitars, then you owe it to yourself to grab one for each of your axes.

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