BUILDER PROFILE: Diamond Guitar Pedals

Diamond Guitar Pedals are designed by a technologist and an electrical engineer working on a PhD in Psychoacoustics, so expect innovation and some twists on classic pedal designs. Founder Michael Knappe worked as a signal-processing expert for many years before deciding he wanted to combine his expertise and his love of music to start a company focused on expanding the range of the guitar and improving the sound quality of guitar signal processing. Their pedals often combine features you’d expect in separate fx boxes, combined with modulation from unexpected sources over parameters you don’t normally get to mess with. For example, the Halo Chorus combines delay, pitch, and phase modulation, giving you the sound of traditional chorus pedals but also the ability to create unique spatial tones by combining and modulating the different types of chorus. Check their website for a complete rundown of all their pedals and where you can buy them. Added bonus, they’re North American made; all Diamond Guitar pedals are designed and built in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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Memory Lane Junior – $279

First came the Memory Lane, the first analogue delay with tap tempo. Then came the Memory Lane 2. Now there is the Memory Lane Junior, which uses the same variable sample rate concept as analog bucket brigade modulation and adds custom filters and companding to recreate the essence of the original pedal in a much smaller package. Going digital means that even though the box is smaller, the Junior more than twice the delay time, extended frequency response, and can be run by standard 9v power. The engineers at DGP made their own anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters, leaving the digital engine dedicated to reproducing and delaying the signal with no manipulation to get the cleanest delay possible. The entire signal path, with the exception of the sampling engine, is analogue. Memory Lane Junior is perfect for anyone in search of a unique and useable delay, that is also affordable and fits easily into a touring bag.

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