Boss GT-100 Amp Effects Processor

PROS: Plenty of tones, easy editing, plenty of connectivity options.

CONS: Some of the presets are a bit stale.

PRICE: $550

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Boss has always been on the cutting edge of multi-fx units and their GT-100 is proof that they’re staying there. Physically, it’s the size of most multi-fx boards, which isn’t a surprise, but the twin LCD displays are large and in charge. It’s a blend of digital and analog, with simple knobs to adjust parameters. The expression pedal can control effect parameters, act as a volume control or as a wah pedal. There are plenty of configuration options using standard 1/4-inch connectors, and a USB connection. Headphone outs as well as an aux in makes it great for bedroom practicing, as well. 

Editing sounds isn’t that difficult, and getting good tones by just fiddling with the knobs is fairly intuitive. The manual’s “quick start” section provides a simple way of unlocking all of its sonic goodness, with minimal reading (thankfully).

From 12-string and acoustic simulations, right up to super-scooped metal, there are plenty of tones to be had. The synth-like effects sound great, and set it apart from other multi-fx units on the market. It’s not hard to get in-between, natural, semi-distorted sounds either. Some of the presets can cover some of the same sounds, so scrolling through them can seem repetitive. The ACCEL pedal function can activate a few real “effects” such as feedbacker, and the S-Bend, which can coax some pedal steel like sounds, as well act as a switch to turn on and off effects. There is a manual mode that makes the foot switches act like on/off switches for individual effects in that patch, like a virtual pedal board. Integrating it to an amp is easy as well, sporting a 1/4-inch connection for an amp’s channel switch. A looper, one of Boss’s most popular effects, allowing the recording and playback of riffs, is also included.

Overall, it’s a great unit, and quite flexible. Editing is always an issue with multi-fx units, but this one is A LOT more user friendly, and features more than the standard distortion/chorus/wah found in most multi-fx processors.


-Advanced COSM amps that model vintage amp tones

-Dual-LCD for simple and intuitive operation

-Improved EZ Tone feature with graphical TONE GRID for constructing new patches

-Newly developed ACCEL pedal for simultaneous control of multiple parameters

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