VIDEO: PRS Unveils New SE Lineup for 2017

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Best Electric Guitars

PRS unveils its new 2017 SE electric guitar lineup, featuring new headstock logos and upgraded pickups.

Paul Reed Smith has given guitarists what they want in the new 2017 PRS SE line, namely a proper “signature” headstock logo on the guitar instead of the previous, large “SE” logo, as well as upgraded pickup options, saying:

Paul Reed Smith and our design team set out to engineer new pickup models that better align with our flagship USA pickups. The new PRS 85/15 “S” pickups were designed to deliver remarkable clarity and extended high and low end, and are now offered on the SE 277 Baritone, SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow, SE Custom 22, SE “Floyd” Custom 24, and SE Custom 24.

We also worked closely with PRS artists Carlos Santana and Mark Tremonti to update the pickups offered in their SE signature guitars. The collaboration resulted in new SE Santana pickups that bring Santana’s signature sound to life, and SE Tremonti pickups that have more articulate aggression than ever before.