My Favorite Axe: Pamela Hute’s 1972 Fender Mustang

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Best Electric Guitars

Music always being a part of her life, Pamela Hute formed The Mashed Potatoes before creating her own solo project in 2006. Hute draws influences from artists like Sleeper, Elastica and Breeders. Releases include Turtle Tales From Overseas (2010), Bandit (2013) and the recently-released EP Today. Hute has an interest in the business side of the industry as well as the DIY scene; she created her own record label, My Dear Recordings. She is also an avid vintage guitar collector and vinyl aficionado.


1972 Fender Mustang


“I already had an old Mustang from 1965, which is absolutely stunning, but I was looking for a spare guitar for the stage and came across this one. It’s very different to play. More density in the sound, too. The neck is pretty short, which is ideal for my little hands! It’s the one and only guitar I play live now and it never lets me down. Also, it’s a very simple guitar; you don’t have too many options as far as mic positions are concerned which is something I love. You can focus on how you play rather than focusing on ‘how you could sound if you pushed that button.’”


“It’s warm, yet pretty biting. For rhythmic parts, which is all I do, it crunches really well and finds its place in the mix of the band flawlessly. Playing live, I almost only play with the bridge pickup on, like a Fender Bronco.”

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Photo by Richard Boutin