Mono Vertigo: Our Review of their Electric Guitar Case

The Mono Vertigo Electric Guitar Case provides an insane amount of protection for even the clumsiest guitarists.

The exterior material of the Mono Vertigo guitar case is water resistant, and its “blue steel” color will make it stand out in a sea of the usual black nylon cordura other bags are made of. It’s a top loading design, meaning the zipper only runs around the top, for quick access. Small details like the zipper pulls are well thought out, and aren’t the usual off-the-shelf types that tend to break after repeated usage.

The interior is lined with a thick foam that provides rigid protection, and is covered with a grey microfiber-like material. To prevent any damage to headstocks, there’s a great neck support system built in called “the headlock” on both sides of the bag, which securely holds the instrument’s neck in place.

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The comfortable handle is super thick, and has been not only stitched in, but riveted as well. A large front pocket is available for the usual items like straps, capos, strings, and the like. It’s not super deep; it can hold a stomp box, but it can be a squeeze. The idea is to not place items in the pocket that could damage an instrument. There are three “D” rings on the top of the neck area, that allows for a product (not included) MONO calls “the tick” – a padded rectangular storage case for bulky items like pedals, drum machines, etc. It essentially acts as a backpack for the gig bag. The shoulder straps are super comfy, and even when wearing a nylon windbreaker, there’s no “slideage” off of the shoulders. There is also a chest strap for ultra-secure wear-ability.

mono vertigo guitar case

On the bottom is “the boot,” which looks like a running shoe designed by NASA. On the inside, the butt of the guitar rests on this this rubber base. A neat little valley is designed for the strap button’s endpin to sit in. If dropped, it prevents a straplock from acting like a wedge or chisel and damaging the instrument. The boot has plenty of grip, and prevents any movement, such as sliding on a smooth floor. Put a normal gig bag down on a wet surface like a parking lot, and it will suck up the moisture, and eventually mold will make its home there, while MONO’s boot keeps things nice and dry.

For players on the go, using public transport, or on the street, portability and protection are one in the same here. With a price of $249, it’s not cheap, but the quality materials and thought put into the design are well worth it, and it’s a lot cheaper than repairing a damaged instrument, right?


Excellent design, quality construction, plenty of protection.


A tad pricey (but worth it)




-Top-loading for easy stand-up guitar insertion/removal
-EVA insole and a molded-rubber outsole (The Boot)
-Headlock neck-suspension system 
-Specialized storage compartments 
-Water-resistant sharkskin outer shell
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