Watch as we review every model in the Mitchell Guitars lineup

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Best Electric Guitars

This fall, we put out a call for guitarists to win and test out the entire new range of electric guitars and basses from Mitchell Guitars. After the entries were sifted through, we selected six kick-ass guitarists from around the country to demo these awesome new axes through a series of video unboxings, updates, playing demos and tutorials. The results were awesome. Each musician put their respective guitar or bass through its paces, and everybody was impressed with the high level of quality and great tones found in these affordable instruments. Let’s hear from each artist individually about their experiences.


For lack of a better term, “headstock snobs” might not take a second look at a Mitchell, because if it isn’t Fender or Gibson they don’t care. That annoys me and I’m here to break you off a piece first-hand experience with a Mitchell…it flat out rocks. I love this guitar. Right out of the box it was set up and played smooth. I didn’t need to re-string it and for the purpose of this test run, I didn’t. Everything I recorded was as-is, out of the box.

I was blown away by the sound and feel the guitar has. I use a Paul Reed Smith for 90% of my guitar playing and this Mitchell MS400 with a price tag $1600 less than my PRS stands right up there with it. Sound, feel, playability. I would feel confident taking this on the road being pleased night after night. Plus, it isn’t a bowling ball with a strap, so it’s nice on your back.

Get the Mitchell. It will make you and your wallet extremely happy. 


Right out of the box the Mitchell TB-500 was ready to play. It was well setup and very comfortable. It features an alder body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard. The bass has a good weight to it but is very evenly distributed, making for a very comfortable playing experience. The hardware is another solid aspect to this instrument – I play in D standard and have yet to fall out of tune nearly a month later.

You know you’re in good hands with Mitchell. Overall the bass was very much beyond my expectations for a mid-range instrument and I’d highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable instrument for either recording or live purposes.   


After taking this guitar for a test drive, playing it through five different amps and numerous pedals, I was pleasantly surprised and genuinely happy. The neck is very smooth and playable. I run moderate to high output pickups and these cool pickups got the job done. I like the configuration of the pickups, too; it allows for extreme versatility, which helps when you are performing different styles of music.

I played mainly through my modified Marshall, a preamp/poweramp rig, and a few combos. In all cases, the Mitchell HD400 was versatile and a very good sounding instrument. Fast licks are really easy to rip, and the coil/tap is a great feature that adds to the guitar’s range of capabilities. The Floyd Rose is setup with a recessed body route that enables you to pull up for greater vibrato range. The neck is a “C” shape, very smooth, and fast. I found myself playing for hours. This guitar is easily comparable to an Ibanez or a Schecter, but even more affordable. This is a lot of guitar for the price point!


With the FB705, Mitchell Guitar’s is offering a versatile instrument with the boutique styling that many of today’s bassists demand at an affordable price.  The bass has many features including a carved mahogany body, quilt maple top veneer, 5-piece neck, and a rosewood fingerboard.  The high mass bridge is fully adjustable and the high-ratio tuners operate smoothly and with precision.  The bass comes standard with dual humbucking pickups.  When combined with the active preamp, the bass has many achievable tones that will be suitable for a wide variety of musical styles.

While demoing the instrument, I found the neck to be very easy to play for long periods of time.  The 12” radius and D shape felt very fast and the string spacing, while closer than I am used to, was comfortable when chording or tapping and wasn’t too close as to be a hindrance when slapping.

Overall the instrument is well constructed, highly playable, and suitable for a wide variety of playing styles. I believe the FB705 5-string bass is best suited for intermediate to advanced players looking for a bass that will help them expand the breadth of their abilities.

KYLE REED – TD400 Guitar

The staggered-height locking tuners along with the Graph Tech TUSQ XL reduced-friction nut kept the Mitchell TD400 in perfect tune from manufacturing all the way to my front door.  The tone is well rounded thanks to the Wilkinson VS50- II bridge with locking saddles and heavy block, along with paraffin-dipped Alnico V pickups — two single coils and one humbucker with a coil-tap, with a five-way selection switch to find the exact tone you want.

The alder body compliments the maple neck and Indian rosewood fretboard.  This guitar not only sounds amazing but is a gorgeous addition to my collection. I am in love with the comfortable feel of the slim-tapered neck combined with the high-tensile strength fretwire. The traditional offset double cutaway design and the ultra-carve heel joint allows for complete access to every single fret with ease. Mitchell Guitars make pro level products at ultra-affordable prices.  I am connected at the hip with my TD400, and can’t wait to take it on the road with my band, The Reed Brothers. 


The MD400 is Mitchell’s best-in-class guitar geared for a more “modern rock” sound, although one can achieve a multitude of tones spanning from pretty much any genre of music that the player desires. The guitar I received came with the translucent green finish, and at first glance, the guitar was absolutely stunning. The Mitchell MD400 comes loaded with features that would satisfy players of any level.

When I first held the MD400 in my hands, the guitar just felt right; it is much lighter than I was expecting. The carved mahogany double cutaway and mahogany set neck are aesthetically pleasing but also allow for reaching those high frets for blazing fast leads without trouble. The rosewood fretboard feels smooth, and the action of the guitar was perfect out of the box.

The MD400 comes loaded with a rail-style Alnico V humbucker in the bridge position and a mini-rail humbucker in the neck position. I am a big fan of the design and placement of the pickups, which allows for more space for your picking hand and pick. The string-through body design allows for better intonation and longer sustain. The tuning stability is enhanced thanks to the locking tuners on the headstock.  I also really like the option to switch to the single coil sound from either pickup with the pull coil-tap knob. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the MD400. It is a high quality guitar at an affordable price and my favorite guitar in my collection. 

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