Gravity Guitar Picks REVIEW

PROS: plenty of shapes and sizes, super stiff.
CONS: slightly pricey.
PRICE: varies – about $5/each

The standard 351 style Fender pick has been around for decades, and while there are plenty of other options in shape and size these days, Gravity Guitar Picks‘ acrylic picks really take things up a notch.


There are 8 styles: Razer, Sunrise, Stealth, Striker, Tripp, Axis, Edge and Classic. Thickness ranges from 1.5mm to a massive 6mm – these aren’t your father’s Stubbies! There’s even a Rob Chapman (of Chapman Guitars fame) signature version. For players that like a super thick, stiff pick, look no further! The thicker versions sport a nice beveled edge, and the 4mm version can give players plenty of surgically-accurate attack. Pick scrapes are ultra-pronounced, as well – great for recording.

For players who like metal picks, but who are tired of shredding strings, Gravity provides great options for a pick with a stiff, positive response. Bass players who use picks would certainly appreciate the size and stiffness, as well. And in fact, we found our assortment of sample picks even more suited for rapid bass attacks than single-note six string runs.

The brightly colored versions really stick out, even on a dark stage, while the blue and smoke grey Chapman versions might get lost if dropped. These are not cheap either, starting at $4.99 each; however, they do offer variety packs that contain 8 picks for $35. Not a bad deal if you want to try a sampling.

For players looking for that ultra-stiff, hyper-accurate pick, these are calling your name.