George L’s Effects Cable Kit Review

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Best Electric Guitars, Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

George L’s Effects Cable Kit

PROS: simple, easy to make great sounding cables, no soldering.
CONS: none.
PRICE: $99

Not long ago, a lot of players went back to pedalboards to avoid the complexity of rack systems. Now pedalboard systems can be as complex as a rack of effects! With all the unique configurations that come up, it’s no surprise that using off-the-shelf cables can limit the layout of a pedalboard. George L’s has a kit that makes custom cables easy, without soldering.

The kit comes with 10 feet of their .155 cable, which is a bit thinner compared to a standard 1/4 TRS cable. Ten right angle jack cable ends and rubber caps are also included. Making a custom cable is super easy – figure out what length is needed, and cut the cable to length. Slip the cable into the metal cable end, and bend it through the slot, then thread on the cap screw. The rubber end cap keeps the threaded cap screw from moving, and is a nice touch.

A good idea for figuring out a cable length is to route the cable from both pedals, following the path desired, then add about 1.5”. Don’t have a ruler handy? Use two thumb widths. Slightly longer is always better. Short cable lengths are super easy, and can make placing pedals super close, side-by-side, a snap.

For players who still like rack systems, there’s a great application of this kit, too. Keeping cable lengths short and concise enables easy troubleshooting, without having a spaghetti-like mess of wires to move around. Shorter cables are better for the overall tone, as well: the less cable means less signal loss and degradation –  plus the thin cable bends easily without kinking. A nice bonus.

If the need arises for more ends or cable, George L’s sells the ends individually, and additional cable is available by the foot, or even in reels, making this an easily expandable system. For a simple or complicated pedalboard, this can make a player’s (or tech’s) life a lot easier.


-Low capacitance co-ax cable
-Ten feet of cable
-10 solderless plugs
-Black cable with nickel-plated plugs
-High-end plugs with lifetime warranty