TOUR TEST FINAL REPORT Part II: Mitchell Element Guitar & Acoustic A40 Amp

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Best Acoustic Guitars

[Editor’s note – in September we put out a call for musicians to enter to win a fantastic prize pack of a Mitchell Element Guitar (ME1ACE) and an A40 Acoustic Instrument Amp (from Acoustic Amplification). Winner number one was Jordan Davis, who posted a number of updates on social media during his testing period with the gear. His final wrap-up can be found here — and winner #2 (Tim Feist) has posted his final comments below. Thanks again to all who entered!]

Mitchell has completely hit it out of the park with the ME-1ACE; this guitar is amazing. The tone is wonderful. Picking it up and strumming that first chord is intoxicating! On top of that, it is one of the lightest acoustic guitars that I have ever held. It sounds extremely full and balanced. When I tune the guitar down to drop D, drop C, and different alternate tunings, there is not any difference whatsoever. I don’t get any fret buzz or anything.

The addition of the Fishman electronics on board is also huge. The electronics that I have had before have always been extremely bulky and in the way, so to speak. These controls on this are very hidden, yet accessible. Also, the on-board tuner is very convenient. One press of a button and all of the sound (if amplified) is completely muted and I can tune the guitar without anyone being the wiser.

mitchell element acoustic

However, I think the biggest compliment that I can give to Mitchell is that, in my opinion, they have produced a guitar that is absolutely affordable, yet has the tone and reliability of certain other +$1000 guitars (not to be named) right out of the box. For all of those parents looking to get their son or daughter a guitar to start learning, this has the kind of price tag to not only beg you to buy it, but will last your little one all the way from the first time they pick it up, until their very first gig.

I now move on to the Acoustic A-40. Acoustic Amplification has an amazing product here, as well. As a songwriter, this amp has everything that I could personally ever want. I have the ability to plug my guitar in, amplify my guitar, and even add effects to it. There are 20 factory presets available to me, ranging from reverbs, all the way to chorus effects, and more. There are even 20 “user” presets available to me to customize any way that I want. The options for that little something “extra” in my tone are huge!

My favorite thing about this amp, though, is the ability to plug my microphone into it. As a songwriter this is awesome! The other thing that I realized is that all of the factory and user presets can apply to my microphone as well. This means that now I can go out to ANY venue I want to, plug my Mitchell into my Acoustic A-40, and then plug my microphone in, and just go at it. I can have the natural tone of my Mitchell, and then use the Acoustic A-40 to add any of the numerous effects to my vocals, to make a very dynamic performance. Finally, as I was sitting on my couch the other night with my wife, I picked up my phone, synced it with the A-40’s Bluetooth, and hit play. I’m sure that Acoustic Amplification intended musicians to use this feature in a different way, however, as I look back, I realize how incredibly convenient and cool that this little feature is in so many different aspects.

acoustic a40 amp

To me, this set-up is AMAZING, for not only the person who wants to take their one man/woman show ANYWHERE, but also for the beginner who wants to cultivate their talent and passion! I think that these are extremely great instruments on their own. However, together, they make an unstoppable duo. This project has made me a true believer in not only Acoustic Amplification and Mitchell Acoustic Guitars, but the combination of both. Try it, you will not be disappointed!