How To Get Started with Content Marketing for Musicians

Many musicians focus solely on producing good music and promoting it as such. However, marketing is something that they should focus on as well. It gives them a great opportunity to connect with their audience and get more fans than before.

Content marketing can be especially beneficial to musicians. It allows them to appear on search engines and improves their fan base.

Here are some ideas on how you could promote your music by content marketing and earn some superfans.

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  1. Create engaging videos

Videos are an amazing way to gain some attention. These can range from being educational to simply being entertaining. You could create ‘how to’ videos and explain some techniques of playing music, song-writing or singing. You could also create vlogs – they are extremely popular at the moment – or you could show videos of your live appearances, behind-the-scenes footage, meeting a fan videos, etc. People love watching videos because they are so easy to consume and give so much information at once.

  1. Run competitions

Another great content marketing tactic is to host competitions or giveaways. People on Facebook or Twitter love entering these if the reward is valuable enough. “You can create a set of instructions – like and share this page/post to enter this competition, add a number of people to this group, post a picture of you with a certain theme etc. These are all easy and fun tasks and the reward could be some of you merchandise, meeting you, singing with you or something else related to your music,” explains Lois Tomasini, Content Marketer at EliteAssignmentHelp.

  1. Post images and infographics

Images are a great way to show off your personality and post updates on your daily life. People love having some insight into what you are up to, how you spend your days, what you do for fun, etc. These pictures can also feature some of your live appearances. You can post photos with your fans, pictures from your album, of you doing something unique and authentic. Infographics are also an amazing way to give your audience some useful and interesting content on how to play an instrument or how to record music on their own.

  1. Write a blog

One of the best ways to use content marketing is to run a blog. This blog can essentially be about anything music related – you could talk about your opinion on popular music issues or your tastes in music, your personal music, gear, etc. If you don’t consider yourself much of a writer, here are some tools that can help you:

StateOfWriting is a content writing guide that can help you with its tips and pointers on writing with style.

Via Writing is a another writing guide with helpful content.

–  Academ Advisor provides proofreading tips and guides that can help you remove all of your mistakes.

  1. Post general updates

Content marketing includes posting frequent updates on your appearances, music, achievements, personal events and more. You can also create polls to see what your fans like, share information in a form of a countdown when an important event is coming up, share information on how to get tickets, where to see you, etc. You could even have secret shows and post clues on where your fans could find you. 

  1. Stream new music

An obvious content marketing move is to stream or share your songs. This way, your fans could hear you play or sing and enjoy what you created. You can get their honest opinions and feedback this way and see how they feel about your music.

  1. Post opinions and favorites

Another thing that people love is hearing about what their favorite musicians like to listen to, read, what their opinion is on current events, etc. “All of this can be an amazing promotional tool for you and a source of fun for them. However, be careful not to offend anyone in your fan base or get too political,” says William McMahon, a Digital strategist at Study Demic. [Editor’s note – in these crazy times, sometimes you may actually gain support with your political views. But yes, that can be a touchy subject amongst artists and their fans. Tread carefully.]

  1. Post a mix of songs to promote upcoming content

Posting a mix of bits from your songs to promote your music and grab some attention is a great idea. You can do this every time you have a few songs coming out and it will promote excitement among your fans and it may even get you some new ones.

Final Thoughts

Being a musician and promoting your own content isn’t an easy feat but it could be fun. Dedicate a part of your time to content marketing and your fan base will increase.

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