5 Ways to Build Your Fanbase Before Your Next Release

As hard as it is to write a hit song, sometimes it feels like the hardest part is getting people to know it’s out there.

There are so many options to promote new music online that many artists feel lost and overwhelmed: Should I embed a color-coordinated countdown widget on my band’s website? Or maybe create a Facebook event and invite all my friends? Should I write a press release and post it on my blog? Or maybe make a guest appearance on my cousin’s “Finance for Urban Pork Farmers” podcast?

Though some might say there is merit to any kind of marketing, we have seen artists find the most success by following a few simple steps. Here are the top five most effective ways to grow your fanbase before your next big music release:

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Utilize a targeted advertising campaign to reach fans through social media.

There is a reason major corporations pay millions for 30-second ad spots and online banners. Advertising works. There may be no better way to experience a boost in fan growth than a smart ad buy. And luckily, you don’t need millions of dollars and a giant marketing department to see real results. These days, with as little as five dollars, you can find ways to advertise directly to a targeted online audience. If you know you have a great song that people will love, spending a little bit of money on internet advertisements before each song or album is released will give you an instant uptick in music fans.

Create consistent and engaging social media content.

We can all agree that the music is most important — but in an age where trend cycles last less than a full workday, it can feel like an eternity for fans as they wait for your next single. One of the best ways to keep the connection between you and your fans alive, is to establish a consistent and compelling social media presence on every major platform. We have found that the best performing posts on social media for musicians tend to be off the cuff and genuine. And don’t forget to interact! If your fans know you’ll retweet them or like their comments, they are more likely to check back in on your posts on a regular basis. Your website may be the spot where you publish tour dates, song previews, and professional album art — but your social media is where you share your sleepy tour bus pictures, your #ThrowbackThursday middle school love ballad lyrics, and the cringe-worthy suave-pose pics that your mate swore they deleted. Fans love that and you will, too.

Connect with fans through new trends like livestreaming.

It’s a relatively new tool to broadcast live video to the world on social media. Many of the top brands, artists, and media moguls are still getting their feet wet on how best to use Facebook Live or a live stream on Instagram. More important than choreographed dances or clever scripts, what you really need to focus on is a consistent presence (doesn’t hurt to have an HD camera either – luckily most modern smartphones can shoot up to 4K resolution). Set an appointment on your calendar and livestream at the same time every week (or every day!) Your fans will start tuning in, even if you only have a few minutes between studio recordings and writing sessions to play a mini concert, cover song, or even just a quick plug for your new album. There is no better feeling for a true fan than to feel like they are “in the know” and basically sitting in the studio with you.

Simplify the music discovery process.

Everyone loves convenience. Even cutting down on the number of clicks it takes to get to your music could be the difference between a lifetime fan and a shoulder shrug. Smart links give people just that — an instant landing page with every music platform where your music is posted. More and more media sites are offering this music marketing tool. If you post your tunes to Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, and/or Amazon Music, why not make it easy on your fans when your album drops by posting and promoting a single smart link that allows them to pick their preferred streaming platform? Diehard fans will always find your music, but a hoard of casual fans may stumble onto your music if you make it easy on them.

Get fans excited for your latest release, before it happens.

Speaking of easy, there may be nothing more convenient for a fan than one of the newest music tools available to musicians and marketers at every level — pre-saves. Imagine all your followers clicking a button on your website that says, “Pre-save,” and then finding that the very second your music gets released, it will drop directly into their Spotify playlist. It is the digital equivalent of being the first in line at a limited time only discount 60” 4K TV sale, without having to overnight on the cold, hard concrete of a Best Buy parking lot. There are a fair number of apps that provide this kind of marketing tool. Setting and promoting a pre-save campaign ahead of your release will see your songs make a far bigger online splash the day they drop.


Luke Mendoza of Beatchain

Beatchain is a powerful new data science and digital marketing platform that will revolutionize discovery, marketing, and promotion in the music industry. Beatchain provides emerging artists with the right tools and guidance to build a supportive fan base, who gets everything directly from them: their music, content, tickets and merchandise. It was founded to bring all the tools together into one app and give musicians insight and control over almost every aspect of their careers, from their music, to their ads, to even their website.

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