CD Baby Launches Sync Licensing Service for Indie Artists

As posted on CD Baby’s blog today:

CD Baby has partnered with music licensing firm Rumblefish to help CD Baby artists generate new revenue by licensing their music for movies, TV shows, ads, video games, apps, and YouTube. Joining CD Baby’s sync licensing program is included in your one-time submission fee (so it’s FREE for existing CD Baby artists)!

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Over the past decade, independent artists have begun to earn significant money from traditional licensing opportunities in TV and film; but with YouTube quickly becoming the most popular online music-discovery platform, there are countless “micro-sync” opportunities out there too, and you should be getting paid for all of it!

How does CD Baby sync licensing work?

First, log into your CD Baby members account to opt-in.

Next, decide which of two sync-licensing options is right for you. Choose between:

1) ALL sync opportunities (we call this option “All Media“), including placements in movies, TV shows, ads, and video games,– as well as the YouTube “Micro-Sync” program which allows you to be paid every time your music is used on YouTube.

2)  ”Micro Sync” only. This would enable your music to be used with any type of project or production that makes use of multimedia or new media platforms. Examples include website-music, online video sharing (e.g., videos on YouTube), presentations, and apps (including app-games).

CD Baby’s sync licensing program is non-exclusive, so you can always pursue your own music placements in addition, or even work with other music licensing firms.

How do I get paid for my music being used on YouTube?

CD Baby and Rumblefish are working directly with YouTube to include your music in YouTube’s content-ID database. Basically, if anyone in the whole wide world uploads a video with your music as the soundtrack, YouTube will “fingerprint” ID the music as YOURS. Then you’ll be paid based on YouTube ad-revenue for every time someone watches that video. The more people out there using your music, and the more people watching those videos, the more money you make! YouTube pays us, and we pay you (quarterly!)

In addition to this content-ID process, your music will also be added to the Friendly Music catalog, a collection of pre-approved songs for which content producers can purchase an upfront license.

What if I upload my own videos to YouTube?

Great! You’ll be paid for those too. There is no charge for the video uploader, so you can encourage your fans and friends to post YouTube videos using your music; It’s free for them, and you get paid!

We’re really excited about this new sync licensing partnership as it opens up new revenue streams for independent artists. Millions of people are listening to and watching music videos (and videos that feature music) on YouTube. Now you’ll get paid for it!

Check out this article if you’re curious what sync licensing even is.

Also, for more details about this program, see our sync-licensing FAQ.

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