How Top-Level Experts Use Music Trends, And You Can Too (Free Webinar)

Learn about the hottest trends of the year, and apply them into plans for your music or your label. This upcoming webinar will show you how the experts do it, and how you can use trends and data insights for more impactful work.

The music research and analytics platform Viberate will be hosting a free online panel with two renowned strategists: David Boyle, who created effective marketing plans for EMI, Katy Perry, and Snoop Dogg, and Alexandre Perrin, professor of music business at Berklee College of Music and trainer to many successful industry professionals working at leading labels and platforms. 

“Patterns come naturally to music as well as to the music business, so once you learn how to recognize them, a world of opportunity opens up,” says Boyle. “Making sure your biggest decisions are audience-informed is what Audience Strategies is all about. Since there are such amazing tools and insights available, I’d encourage everyone to start getting really good at using audience data ASAP.”

The exclusive workshop will be hosted online on Wednesday, February 16, at 12:30 PM EST / 06:30 PM CET. The session is free of charge but limited to 500 people. Click here to apply.

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