Quick Recap: Lolawolf Live in Boston

The artistry that Lolawolf embody is not only provocative, it’s ironically endearing. Frontwoman Zoe Kravitz possesses an airy, shockingly clear voice that has the ability to easily grab and keep almost anyone’s attention. This past Friday night at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club, Lolawolf’s slot as Twin Shadow’s designated opener on his Eclipse tour was a feat not taken in vain. Their set consisted of swarming, melodically distended songs that captured onlookers entirely.

Lolawolf’s debut self titled EP that was released last year was an electronic wonderland that playfully bounced between tastefully eclectic comfort zones (their first full length LP, Calm Down, is due out later this year). But onstage, the notion of comfort was obsolete as Kravitz led her crew through songs that were as gritty as they were groundbreaking. Between crashing drums and dissonant keys, the most poignant weapon in Lolawolf’s arsenal was Kravitz’s voice. When she sung, it wasn’t crooning–it was pure suspense.

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Performing last month at South by Southwest

Her gruff directness didn’t overpower the aura of beauty and warmth. Songs like “Bitch” and “AYO” possessed an electric enthusiasm of sorts when Kravitz pursed the lyrics from her lips. Even in her loudest, meanest, and most ear corroding moments, she was happy to just simply be performing. And quite frankly, Boston was happy to have her.

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