Spotlight: Young Hines

Embracing the DIY Lifestyle and Its Freedoms

GENRE: Singer/Songwriter

HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN

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ARTISTIC APPROACH: Penning self-aware lyrics and being disarmingly honest.


While most people are obsessed with the concept of youth, musician and songwriter Young Hines was blessed enough to have it as his name – literally. Fortunately for him, it fits into his persona quite nicely. “I use it as a double entendre; it’s half esoteric and half accessible. It symbolizes youth or the feeling you get when you think of being born again.” He pauses briefly, and then quickly jumps right back into the conversation without skipping a beat. “And it’s on my birth certificate.”

“I think I’ve become addicted to the DIY lifestyle because it’s so immediately gratifying”

Hines was first discovered by Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs), who invited the Chicago-by-way-of-Georgia songwriter to record at the all-analog Welcome to 1979 recording studio in Nashville. The result was his debut album, Give Me My Change, a heartbreaking and bareboned glimpse into the mind of a singer/songwriter who has a lot of self-awareness – and knows exactly how to pen it. He possesses the ability to be disarmingly honest, but prefers songs that take a more informal approach. “Overall, I guess ‘Give Me My Change’ is my favorite on the record because it was written so quickly.”

But informality is just another facet of the DIY lifestyle – a lifestyle that Hines has quickly become accustomed to and loves. “I think I’ve become addicted to the DIY lifestyle because it’s so immediately gratifying. [It] gives me the freedom to get up every morning, take a new approach, and start again. I rarely feel like I’m waiting on anyone.” A more concrete example of said gratification is evident in Hines’ live show, full of heart-pounding energy and a passion that borders on mind-blowing. He is more than grateful for having a career that allows him such a luxury. “From thousands of fans singing along at arenas and festivals to being the only one who knows the words – when you are at the right show at the right time, it’s like you’re at the coolest spot on Earth.”

Photo by Andrew Higley

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