Erin Barra is a young, emotive singer/songwriter and performer whose talent belies maturity far beyond her years. Alicia Keys meets Daft Punk, she brilliantly blurs pop, soul, funk, electronica and rock.

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Make and Model:

Moog Little Phatty Analog Synthesizer


Originally released in 2006

What It Means To You:

Warmth and depth…it’s the foundation for my live performance and studio work. Also a nickname for my butt. 

What It Sounds Like:

Transformers purring the entire overtone series.

Special Features:

It was last instrument to be designed and conceived by Bob Moog himself. The Little Phatty is extremely user friendly, allowing me to work quickly, on-the-fly in the studio or o

n the stage. In a lot of ways it’s like standing on the shoulders of giants.


I have an arsenal of personally synthesized bass and lead sounds stored and ready to fire… it’s got that Boom Boom Pow.

Other Notes:

This instrument literally changed the way I think about sound. Deductive synthesis is a beautiful thing.

Can Be Heard On:

Everyone from Parliament to Passion Pit to Phish have been using Moog Synthesizers for decades. Check out my track “Magician” for a screaming Moog solo (video above).


photo by Pete Mitchell

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