George Kamel

Relocating to Put His Writing in Perspective

GENRE: Indie Folk
ARTISTIC APPROACH: Writing earnest music without pretense

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At first glance, George Kamel is just another guy with an acoustic guitar strapped to his flannel-clad chest. At second glance, he’s still that guy, but this time his thick beard is even more apparent. OK, so it’s true. Judging a book by its cover will never get you anywhere, especially when it relates to the realm of music, pigeonholing your narrow-minded judgments into a sad little corner of unimaginative, static noise.

Kamel’s amiable traits radiate within his raw technique that doesn’t try to overwhelm with unnecessary gobbledygook or narcissistic runs and pretentious lyrics. “It takes an incredible amount of creativity to write a great song, with an interesting chord progression, beautiful melody, and incisive lyrics, all the while remaining unique and honest along the way,” says Kamel.

Precise with his words, Kamel goes on to define the term “honest,” saying “what that really alludes to is this sense of transparency between the artist and listener. The less walls there are, the better.”

Makes sense that Kamel’s list of influential songwriters includes Justin Vernon and Chris Thile, who are, according to Kamel, “incredibly good at wearing their hearts on their sleeves in a way that never feels egotistical.”

What’s next for the young musician? Kamel recently relocated from Boston to Alabama. (That’s right, Alabama.)

“Being in one place for too long has a way of making you bitter towards the things you love the most. Getting away helps put things into perspective and reminds you of what’s truly important in life,” he says.

Ever independent, Kamel is more than just the shirt and the guitar. And yes, he’s more than that magnificent beard, too. He’s got a sweet simplicity that’s addictive. Whether he’s melodically whistling or carefully crafting a delicate, falsetto-filled, swoon-worthy song, his music and attitude have one underlying circuit. They’re impossible not to like.

photo by Ryan Russell

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