Quick Recap: Juicy J at Boston’s House of Blues

Broken ankle be damned; Juicy J’s physical impairment (one which requires him to wear a boot) just wasn’t a legitimate reason for the legendary emcee not to hit the road to promote his latest album, THC: The Hustle Continues. To a brazenly blazed Boston crowd, Juicy J was all smiles (and gold chains) as he exhibited a sort of savage charm amongst some of his most loyal listeners. He also shared his brief, yet direct response to the doctors who advised him to reschedule this tour: “fuck that!”

THC: The Hustle Continues is an auditory offering that showcases the rapper’s trademark warble that manages to turn itself into blustering bars over the course of a song. His barely subtle sex metaphors are only outdone by lines that luxuriate a stoner’s way of living. The songwriting is slightly thinner, but Juicy J’s vision is the most bloodshot it has ever been—making it an even more volatile listen. He spent most of the evening hopping on and off a stool or posted up in a gawdy red throne that was literally outlined in flashing lights. His chair seemed more than appropriate for the evening at hand—the only thing Juicy needed to complete his command of the crowd was a scepter. However, he did just fine without it.

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Songs like “Bounce It,” “For Everybody,” “She Knows,” and “Bandz a Make Her Dance” were buoyant jams that sent a current through the spine of everyone in attendance. When Juicy J wasn’t professing the importance of taking weed breaks or how much better this country would be if marijuana were totally legalized, he was expressing his love and appreciation for his fans. “To go from Three 6 to a solo artist is some real shit, and this tour means a lot to me—I love you motherfuckers! How many of ya’ll remember that old school Three 6 shit? Can we take it back to the 90s for a little bit?” A short medley of Three 6 Mafia hits quickly ensued, which included “Poppin’ My Collar,” “Stay Fly,” “Slob on My Knob,” and “Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp.” As crowd goers emphatically threw their hands in the air to soak up the last moments we had with the rapper, we realized that it would take more than a leg injury to slow down Juicy J: he somehow manages to flourish at the sight of a setback.

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