Festival Preview: Boston Calling

The phenomenal success of the first installment of Boston Calling was something that no one could have predicted—no one except Crash Line Productions co-founder Mike Snow. He, along with partner-in-crime Brian Appel, masterminded one of the most anticipated—and well executed—music festivals in the history of the city. The gleeful reception to Crash Line’s brainchild was entirely deserved. “I’m not shocked by the success of Boston Calling. I am inspired and humbled, but not shocked,” explains Snow. “I’ve been working in radio for a number of years, so I knew the market was here. I’ve actually dreamt about doing something like this for years, so Crash Line just kept working hard to get it done.” And with a second Boston Calling on the horizon, it is clear that all of the hard work paid off. What seemingly sets Boston Calling apart from other festivals is the practical functionality of it. Case in point: There are two different stages that allow an act to start performing on one as another band finishes up on the other. Snow cited this as a critical part of a good festival. “We wanted the lineup to be cohesive, and no overlapping. We also wanted everyone to have the ability to see as many bands as they want.” With Passion Pit, Kendrick Lamar, Vampire Weekend, and Solange on the bill this time around, festival-goers will definitely be eager to catch as many performers as possible. And since the festival shows no sign of letting up, Snow intends to keep giving the people what they want. “We plan to keep this a bi-annual event for the foreseeable future.”


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