REVIEW: Clear Tune Monitors CE320 In-Ears

There used to be a great divide, you could go out of your budget and get the best, or stay within your budget, and maybe get “meh.” In-ear monitors are no exception. Finding a reasonably priced, great sounding pair was impossible. Clear Tune released their CE320 models recently, and they’re worth giving a listen to.

Their system is quite modular, Clear Tune ported over a lot of the components and research from their higher end models. Inside each earpiece is a three-driver setup, covering the highs, mids and lows respectively. The earpieces are detachable from the cable and include a great selection of foam and silicone inserts. We’ve mentioned it before, but getting a great seal is super mega important in IEM’s not just for comfort, but for proper sound response and isolation.

Plugging these in, we were frankly Very Impressed, like wow. First off, the earpieces are fairly small and very light, meaning no physical fatigue during long usage.  Performers won’t wear them if the comfort isn’t there, and we would give the comfort factor a 10. Sound-wise they’re fantastic. With the right insert we were able to block out loud ambient background noise no problem, even when cranking up a very harsh aggressive heavy mix (think detuned deathcore, but meaner). We got plenty of low end that maintained definition, and the high end stayed clear without getting harsh. Moving on to a mellower ambient synth mix, we could hear perfect nuances throughout. We had no issues with sonic ear fatigue either; the balanced response made these a pleasure to use.

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Mobile podcasters might want to bring a set of these, as they take up far less room than a set of “cans” would in bag or case. YouTubers and Twitch streamers who might normally have a set of on ear headphones for monitoring should look into a set of these; the sound is great, the price is reasonable, and they’re less noticeable on-screen.

These are really great sounding, and yet at this price, they sound far better than some boutique audiophile ear buds that are far more expensive. For the performer who wants to dip their toes into a set of IEM’s, these are well worth it, and you’ll wonder how you lived without them for so long.


great balanced sound, very comfortable, excellent price





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