REVIEW: RODE VideoMic GO II Microphone

By now everyone has seen some vlogger/YouTuber walking around holding a camera, talking about their topic of choice, and when the camera pans to a reflective surface, one name is clear on the windscreen: RODE. Their audio quality has always been excellent, but with their VideoMic GOII, that quality is now within reach of any content creator.

This is a shotgun condenser with a super cardioid design, which means it has a very specific directional pickup pattern. Point the mic right at the sound source directly for the best results, the additional grills on the side act as phase cancellation, wiping out competing sounds from behind the mic itself. These are always great for broadcasting where wind and background noise can’t be controlled. Overall, this is a very compact unit; just over 3/4” diameter and 4.75” long. Power comes from the device it’s connected to, such as a DSLR camera, or a USB device. Included is a very stable set of shock mounts that sit on the typical camera rail with a threaded mounting point. RODE sent us every possible cable connection as well as their WS12 deluxe windshield.

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Using this in the field makes the most sense. The included RODE-branded foam windscreen worked fine for most applications, however in very windy conditions the WS12 was an improvement.

The overall audio quality was excellent, with both iOS devices and a standard DSLR camera we had available for this review. The RODE Central app enabled it to interface with our iPad and iPhone with no issues. Using it to capture audio from an iPad made sense for doing video work. With the threaded insert we mounted the mic on a small tabletop tripod and were quite surprised at the results using it as a podcast and voiceover mic.

The small size and light weight make this the perfect travel companion for content creators on the go. RODE also has a control software for laptops that optimize using the mic in this setting, and like the other RODE mics we’ve covered, this one also worked great with it.

The only downside is that when you order it, make sure you get the right cables for your devices, as the only connection provided was a 1/8” TRS version. Most content creators start off with a set of equipment and get separate mics for outdoor and indoor applications — with this lil wonder, it’s the perfect little mic that won’t take up space, travels well, works with a variety of devices, and delivers perfect sound indoors and out. Your travel bag will appreciate the space and the audience will appreciate the bump in audio quality.


small format, excellent sound, very well priced.


specific cables and additional windscreen are not included.



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