JOBY Wavo POD Desktop USB Microphone REVIEW

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Best Studio Mics

USB mics either used to be overpriced or overladen with every possible option, and for most applications were overkill. JOBY’s Wavo has streamlined the audio options and added in some features that make sense for a user who wants a quality sounding microphone for a reasonable price.

It’s a large diaphragm capsule with two selectable patterns, omnidirectional and cardioid, the included red pop filter has markings giving the user some extra guidance as to what sides of the mic go active in the specific modes. For newbies dipping their toes into doing audio this is a nice touch. A desktop stand is included, and for mounting on a microphone stand, the bottom also has a threaded insert (and adapter) for users that prefer a cleaner desktop. On-board monitoring is provided by a headphone jack, and includes USB-C cables for connection to a computer, one with a standard USB-A end.

One unique feature is on the desktop stand, with threaded inserts on each leg. This allows for other Joby accessories such as Joby’s Gorilla arms or action clamps for mounting a smartphone or other devices.

Audio quality is nice in both modes with audio processing at 24-bit // 48kHz resolution and there was no noticeable latency in using the unit. It’s meant for doing live streaming audio and recording, and it does the job well. For this kind of “home professional” use it makes sense, as it’s all-in-one and dead-simple to operate.

Trying it out as a vocal mic got great results, and the included pop filter did its job nicely. There’s plenty of clarity and warmth in there in doing solo voiceovers, and for an interview podcasting mic it’s a great choice for the cost; having it in omni mode for a “table setting” session, it worked great with multiple voices in the room. The only downside is not being compatible with Apple portable devices, which is a bummer.

There are a lot of USB mics in this price range, but the added pop filter and accessory points are simple and practical touches for audio and overall workflow. To be frank; it’s quite surprising that a “pro-sumer” level microphone sounds this good.


great sounding, included pop filter, well priced.


not iOS friendly.