Samson Z45 Studio Headphones REVIEW

Read our expert review of the new Samson Z45 Studio Headphones below.

Great sounding, reasonably priced studio monitoring headphones have been kind of mythical. Yes, you can get expensive sets that sound great, but trash your wallet, or a cheap set that just sounds like trash. Samson’s Z45’s really fit the bill with well thought-out design features, and pretty good sound for the money.

Inside each lamb-skinned ear pad is a nice 40mm driver with rare earth magnets, large enough to project a full spectrum of frequency response of 15Hz to 22kHz. The closed-back design also helps the response by blocking out unwanted external noise. The headband is well padded, and the earpieces have a very well done articulated joint that allows the headphones to be collapsed for easy storage in their included carry pouch. Rounding out the kit is an 8′ straight cable, and a coiled cable, both of which are detachable, and secure to the headphones with a quick, secure  twist to prevent them from popping out.

These were VERY comfortable to wear during long sessions, with no physical fatigue to speak of. The pads sat nicely on the ears and blocked out the outside world during tracking. Sound-wise, they had excellent articulation with an overall smooth tone that made ear fatigue a non-issue. There’s a bit of a pronounced midrange, which is always welcome [your mileage may vary] in tracking, especially if you’re trying to zone in on something like a guitar part or a snare drum’s cut. They responded very well to external EQ, so if that midrange isn’t wanted, it’s easily dialed out to be less prominent.

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Ever see that meme where they diagram all the high end gear and the process to make a great recording, only to have an artist’s hard work to be heard through ear buds? Yeah, if you’re recording, spending some money on a decent set of headphones is important, but getting a  quality set that don’t need a bank loan? In most cases users were looking at cheap (sound quality and cost) versions that were lackluster. These new cans from Samson deliver a great sound for a reasonable price, which is quite refreshing. They won’t break the bank, and they deliver excellent sound, which are qualities in gear that’re getting harder and harder to find these days.


Good sound, low price, well designed, comfortable





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