NUGEN Audio Paragon ST Reverb Plug-in REVIEW

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Best DAW Software

What really made DAWs break out is the ability to have pretty much any effect available in software form. Having the equivalent hardware options on reverb effects would be impractical for most home studios, however NUGEN’s Paragon ST Reverb provides a palette of great options in the box.

This isn’t your typical reverb plugin; it’s a convolution version, meaning the input signal gets processed through a virtual space. But the trick here is the virtual space is captured by an Impulse Response (or IR). The interaction of the IR to the reverb and the signal makes for some unique but very natural results.

After installing our version via iLok and cracking open a session in Studio One and applying it, the “A Big Room” preset was engaged, and it was certainly prevalent. The interface is pretty easy to navigate and was simple to tame down this very vast sounding preset. In actuality, this expansive version was a perfect primer to work through the parameters, to see not only how they interacted with the signal, but also with each other.

Usually, finding a preset and tweaking it saves time, but still feels like hunting in the dark for the desired result. With presets that are “tagged” for certain applications, finding the right version went very quickly. There is also plenty of adaptability, with the option to alter the IR’s frequency, amplitude, and decay. Samples of test sounds are also available, from musical applications to sound effects used in overdubbing in audio production, like foley/sound effect work.

With so much tweak-ability, the potential for option paralysis is always a concern. The good thing is the presets are very easy to apply, and in many cases we found the desired ones within one or two versions, and were able to adjust them for vocals, guitars as well as drums. The big thing is always finding the “subtle” versions of reverb that adds space, without washing things out and losing the punch of the original sound.

Thankfully the Paragon ST has those issues really worked out well. Users looking to be able to access reverb-laden heaven-like spaces, such as churches and tunnels, have no fear, the deep ambient textures still sound natural overall without feeling like a digital effect has been slapped on. For sound designers in video production needing to be able to take a voice over or ADR performance and make it sound like it was captured on set or a soundstage, there are plenty of options such as car interiors for ease of editing in an overdub session.

Overall, it’s a packed plugin that makes sense in a musical sense for the usual recording settings in a studio environment, with the flexibility of adjusting the IR’s and even doing double duty for post-pro on a film production. Despite the plethora of options and adjustability, there’s no convoluted-ness (yay new words!) in getting natural reverb effects for any user.


great natural reverbs, plenty of adjustability


Perhaps a bit pricey for some