REVIEW: PreSonus AudioBox GO USB Audio Interface

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Best Audio Interfaces

Small format interfaces are great in theory, and then when users are searching for one extra feature, the next unit up the price ladder has it, and of course about a dozen more features, and now totally defeats the purpose of a small device. PreSonus has introduced the new AudioBox GO USB Audio Interface, with everything a user could need for a true recording experience, on the go…

Form-factor wise, this is tiny, a standard guitar stompbox is about the same size. Amazingly the front panel is packed with two gain controls for a rear facing combo XLR and 1/4” connection as well as a standard 1/4” connection. A mix level control covers how much input signal vs recorded signal you’re getting. For monitoring, the large master control knob and a 1/4” headphone input with its own level control have you covered. 48v Phantom Power works with mics and devices that need that extra juice like DI boxes. For speaker monitoring, two 1/4” connections reside on the back, as well as the USB-C connection.

To make everything happen in one box, a copy of Studio One Prime, Studio Magic, and Capture Duo is included, which is perfect for a “starter” package that certainly punches above its weight class! We had no issues connecting it to our favorite DAW software, Studio One 5 running on a Mac mini.

Audio quality is excellent with the XMAX-L preamp on the XLR channel, and the phantom power is a great feature for higher-end microphones or condensers that require external power. With 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution this is a powerhouse. For users who prefer a minimal appearance, this will also fit the bill.

For connecting to iOS devices, the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter is required, but can even turn an old iPad into a practical recording device. For users who would like to use an iPhone for recording videos, but want better audio options and control, this is the perfect little companion.

Overall, it’s a really inexpensive device that delivers a lot in the small format. For an artist who needs a simple interface on the road that works easily, there’s no other way to go.


Small, simple, easy to use