REVIEW: Vidami Blue Video Looper Pedal

So many performance devices are pedalboard based, but studio devices still require the disruption of taking your hands off of an instrument to work a keyboard or mouse. Vidami has freed up player’s hands with their Blue video looper pedal.

This Bluetooth device works like a keyboard for your feet — connect it to your computer (it is PC/Mac compatible) and once it’s connected, a simple Chrome extension gets the connectivity going. It registers as a keyboard, meaning the shortcuts have been ported to the pedal. The functions of play, back, and forward can allow a user to scroll through a YouTube video easily, and the speed function toggles through the slower speed options, and a looping function sets a segment of the video to be looped continuously. While it does connect via Bluetooth, it has an on-board battery that charges via USB. For players trying to learn off of YouTube, what this means is the typical disruption of workflow to getting the parts of the video that is of interest goes away when using the footswitches as the navigation device. It can also work on tablets, so it’s a good portable tool. It’s also supported on learning websites such as Guitarzoom, Musiciswin, and LinkedIn Learning, among others.

But wait, there’s more; it can also work as a page turning device. Users of tablet sheet music systems can scroll through pages with this as well. We used it with OnSong for scrolling through our chord charts and lyrics with ease on an iPad.

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As it works like a keyboard, it can also work as a foot controller for recording software with support for GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, Studio One as well as Reaper. Being able to use the Blue as a transport control for solo recording sessions and punching in without having to create extra steps in the editing/comping process later made this a great tool. Being able to run the session by foot kept our hands where they belong, on our instruments.

The only downside is the info for setting the device up for certain things isn’t in the manual; it’s on their website. This does keep the user informed of new applications and is updatable without having to send out notifications, or cause confusion with older printed manuals that may be out there. Thankfully their website was easy to navigate and got us the info with no issues. While this is meant primarily as a tool for YouTube, it goes a long way beyond that which we appreciate, given that it’s certainly not an inexpensive tool. 


Multi-function applications, frees up a player’s hands


None (maybe a tad pricey for what it actually is)



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