REVIEW: Palmer PWT08 Powerbar

Pedalboard power supplies are often overlooked, but it’s an area that can not only mess with your pedalboard, but with your pedals themselves. Palmer’s PWT08 has plenty of clean and safe power on tap, so consider adding one to power your board today.

There are eight 2.1mm negative center pin connections that should work with most pedal types. However, as there are those unique pedals that might need different voltages, two of the connections have selectable outputs of 9, 12, and 18 volts at 150 Milliamps. Some drive and preamp pedals can easily handle the 18V, so having this option is great for those needs.

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The remainder of the outputs are rated at 500 Milliamps, and should be able to handle large format pedal power requirements with ease (think Strymon, etc). For even more power, a Y-cable is included to bridge two of the outputs for additional voltage up to 36V. Each output connection is isolated and protected against overloads and has a LED status indicator. With the selection of pedals we used, there were no roadblocks on getting power to strange and unique pedals like Coppersound’s TripleGraph or the IK Amplitube X-Space, along with traditional Boss and MXR style units. As always, double check what your pedals require BEFORE plugging anything in.

It’s a nice and simple power supply for any pedalboard that won’t break the bank, or your precious effects pedals. If you’ve been battery-powered for years, consider making the upgrade to avoid dead pedals at the worst possible moment. Trust us, you and your audience will be glad you did.


Plenty of output options, small and compact





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