REVIEW: Crossrock Metro Series Deluxe Gig Bag

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Best Guitar Picks, Effects Pedals, & Accessories

Gig bags usually fall into one of two categories; A-super expensive, or B-super cheap. The expensive ones have features that are expected considering the high price, and the cheap ones are usually laughable, poorly made with no padding to speak of, and fall apart quickly. You’re basically wrapping your axe in a windbreaker.

So, finding a reasonably priced gig bag, with suitable padding and decent construction is kind of like finding a unicorn. Well saddle up, Crossrock’s Metro series of gig bags checks all the boxes.

We received their electric guitar version and first off, the grey material is quite stylish, never mind the fact it can easily be seen through all the black cases and bags at any gig! It’s also water resistant. Size wise, this should cover any Strat, Tele or Les Paul sized instrument. We were able to fit in a PRS as well.

The two-tone handle was very comfortable, as are the double shoulder straps. They also have nylon straps stitched in, with a section that is loose, with D rings, allowing for a cross strap or items to be hooked on, like a carabineer keychain. An open pocket also resides on the back, to tuck the straps into, if desired. In the front, there is a main double deep zipped pocket, and a smaller zippered pouch on the exterior of that!

There’s over an inch of multi-layer EVA & Pep foam lining on the interior, which is in a soft microfiber like material throughout, with the exceptions of the headstock area, that has a tough nylon like material to prevent string ends from poking the lining, and the bridge area, where the bridge screws could do some damage, as well. The neck rest block, covered in the lining material, is Velcroed in and also has a Velcro strap to ensure the neck is secured to the block. To go even further, there’s a padded strip of foam, again with the same lining material to place on the fingerboard to prevent any damage to the frets or fingerboard. The zippers are very robust, with the pulls being a custom piece, branded with the company’s logo.

So, all those features are well thought out, and the overall workmanship is excellent, with no stitching issues to be found. The zippers were ultra-smooth, and the lining material was ultra-plush. It’s really nice to find a well-padded gig bag that isn’t ultra-expensive but offers up plenty of protection for the player’s beloved instrument. It’s a gig bag, you CAN actually gig with! We dig it.


Great workmanship, plenty of padding and protection, reasonably priced




appx $110