Coda Music Technologies STOMP Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal REVIEW

STOMP offers up hands-free control of a tablet’s page-turning functionality, wirelessly, with super easy connectivity and functionality.

The STOMP bluetooth page turner pedal is quite small, about the same size as a dual function guitar stomp box, with a rugged metal case, durable metal footswitches and recessed push buttons. The rear panel has a standard negative center pin 9v power supply, meaning it will work with most standard pedal board power supplies found on most boards. For those who haven’t gone down the pedalboard rabbit hole, a 9v power supply is included, and the unit can also run off of a standard 9v battery, with over 150 hours of use. A USB port on the back can act as a charger for a tablet or smart phone. The little nub on the back? That’s the Bluetooth antenna.

So, connecting it to a device it acts as a keyboard, well maybe a footboard is a better term. Open an app like OnSong with it connected, and it allows easy maneuvering through pages with selectable modes, such as arrow controls like up, down, left and right, as well as page up and down. The right footswitch scrolls/moves up/forward, and the left scrolls back. It’s very helpful in long songs, rather than having to scroll with your fingers through the sheet music, especially if you’re an instrumentalist — having to free up a hand live, and having an instrument drop out, is such a bummer. Need to scroll to the next song? It’s just as easy, and keeps your hands where they should be, on your instrument, not fiddling with devices. The infinity switch acts like a continuous control. With it activated, just press down the right switch, and it will keep scrolling until it’s released, no need to keep stomping to scroll. Very nice touch.

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We’ve seen a lot of page turner devices that deliver similar functionality, but their practical use wasn’t all that great, with construction that barely lives up to local gigs. The Stomp is well thought out for real gigging with robust footswitches, bright LED displays, recessed and well-lit buttons, and an all-metal construction.

This is the real deal, it isn’t that much more price-wise than the more plasitic-y ones, and at least you know this one will survive anything that could be thrown at it on the road.


Rugged, plenty of functionality, pedalboard friendly.


Perhaps slightly pricey.



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