Boston Based PR Personality Lisa Finelli Talks Her Power of Persuasion, Prepares for NY Show This Thursday

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Band Management

Lisa Finelli has devoted her entire career to making the music industry better. The Boston based Digital Media Specialist and self-proclaimed Artist Ambassador has paved her own path in such a combative and fickle industry by making sincerity her strong suit. “When you’re working in media and marketing, authenticity always comes through. My love of hip hop started at a very early age—[Wu Tang Clan’s] 36 Chambers and [Snoop Dogg’s] Doggystyle literally changed everything for me. So my love of music is deep. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by people who are supportive and acknowledge what I’m doing in the industry.” And Finelli seemingly does it all. From promoting to marketing to booking to consulting, she is what you could call a modern day Renaissance woman.

Her latest venture, Xperience Creative, specializes in artist development and customized live events. Finelli has collaborated with various music and promotion agencies around the country including Killer Boom Box, JJ Jones Entertainment, Essince, and King Saint Germain. In addition to those endeavors, she is in the midst of planning events for Boston Fashion Week happening in September. Her goal is to align unique live music with unforgettable couture runway shows. Finelli insists that fortifying relationships on both a local and national level with various entertainment personalities will result in something highly sustainable.


“I have a real interest in building long term partnerships with artists. A lot of promoters are nervous about booking new acts because they’re not sure if they’ll have a draw. I step in on the artist’s behalf to reassure them and explain how critical touring opportunities are to organically growing your brand. It’s a breath of fresh air for the promoters because they’re tired of putting on the same artists night after night. That live interaction with the crowd is so important. So is the need to evolve.” In regards to her upcoming Snowgoons and N.B.S show (in collaboration with JJ Jones Entertainment) in New York this Thursday, Finelli is ecstatic over the response. “I actually feel overwhelmed with all of the interest and support I’ve gotten about it. It’s really no longer about working with every single artist. It’s about recognizing the artists who have the talent and drive to do something huge.”

Lisa Finelli and JJ Jones Entertainment Present The Goons and Vets Tour

Featuring Snowgoons and N.B.S

Thursday July 9th

Revolution Rock Bar and Music Hall

Amityville, NY