Baby Baby “Big Boy Baller Club” Review PLUS Video

by | May 6, 2014 | Indie Rock

“A thrashing party soundtrack driven by pounding percussion and gritty bass lines”

Atlanta natives Baby Baby are back with their sophomore album and once again they waste no time diving right into energetic and raucous compositions designed to grab listeners and shake them from their seats.  Big Boy Baller Club is the stuff of well-seasoned artists and a demonstration of the band’s ability to grow and evolve in new and innovative ways.

The album opens with a minute long spoken intro that sets the stage for ten feverish and addictive tracks complete with intricate layers of vocals and synthesized instrumentation. The composition provides the catalyst for dynamic harmonies and sweeping progressions as electronic keyboards bop alongside bellowing bass drums and razor sharp guitar chords. The optimistic lyrics of tracks like “A Short Little Summer Love Song” and “Keep on Dancing” are delivered by lead singer Fontez Brooks’ unpolished (yet charming) vocals; there is a chaotic and captivating sense of urgency propelling each track into the next.

A highly anticipated album, Big Boy Baller Club is equal parts punk, rock, positivity and in-your-face optimism. There are no breaks, no moments to take a quick breather: just non-stop, no-holds-barred energy driven by accelerated chord progressions and the sense that if every word isn’t shared as quickly as possible the band might burst. It is addictive and impressive, a solid second endeavor.

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baby baby big boy baller clubBaby Baby                 
Bog Boy Baller Club
Atlanta, GA
(Gospel of Rhythm Recordings)