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WATCH NOW: Ty Segall - Manipulator Review PLUS Video

A constant workaholic, Segall has released an album annually since 2008, however his last three Drag City releases (Goodbye Bread, Twins and Sleeper) made him a household name amongst the capricious and toffee-nosed Pitchfork elite. After a careful sit-down with Manipulator, it’s made clear how an artist like T. Rex influenced Ty Segall. One can […]Read More »

MUST LISTEN: Kool Stuff Katie Review

Indie rock, fuzz punk, a mixture of new wave and garage delight… Frontman/guitarist/singer Shane Blem and drummer Saren Oliver put together this delightfully charged self-titled release with a fervent sense of independence and new wave fashion. Kool Stuff Katie is a remarkably hip duet from Portland, Oregon who continues the tradition of garage punk and […]Read More »

VINYL OF THE MONTH: Eureka California - "Crunch"

Crunch by Eureka California “Frenetic blast of  fuzzy ’80s college rock with bombastic melodies” Athens’ HHBTM Records has been knocking it out of the park lately. Like labelmates Muuy Biien, Eureka California is loud, buzzy, kinda punky and a little beyond definition. Like their (probable) ’80s garage/college rock idols, EC blends jangly, fuzzed-out guitars with […]Read More »

LISTEN NOW: Ships Have Sailed - "Someday EP" Review

Ships Have Sailed Someday EP Los Angeles, CA (Self-released) Alterna-pop group’s debut EP is the perfect soundtrack for living life, overcoming struggles Will Carpenter—the lead guitarist and background vocalist for the hip-hop-meets-rock outfit 7Lions—has a new alterna-pop side project, Ships Have Sailed, that is allowing him to broaden his musical horizons. Like many debut EPs, […]Read More »

Our insanely late review of Jack White's "Lazaretto"

“An imagined cast of characters provides a grandiose, smirkingly-poetic meditation on the need for control and the need to relinquish it – amid layers of intricate instrumentation.”  Whether an exhibition of crushing riffs or heart-wrenching balladry, add smirklingly poetic, rapid-fire lyrics and the song becomes decidedly Jack White. “Nobody noticed I was down on the […]Read More »

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