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VINYL OF THE MONTH: The Fireworks - "Switch Me On"

VINYL OF THE MONTH The Fireworks Switch Me On Brighton & London, UK (Shelflife Records) “Wall-o-Noisepop masterpiece…” Switch Me On by The Fireworks Cut to snow-white vinyl, The Fireworks’ debut LP, Switch Me On, is a masterstroke of noise, feedback, reverb and 12-string jangle that’s basically the best Buzzcocks record the Buzzcocks never made. The […]Read More »

MUST LISTEN: the one and only PPL MVR

the one and only PPL MVR EP Hometown: Unknown (Elektra) The one and only PPL MVR delivers a sound as untamed as the “original species” themselves—and don’t dare call them Yetis. From whatever ancient world these unclassified creatures hail, they bring with them a very real breed of raw rock n’ roll. The lead single, […]Read More »

LISTEN NOW: Pile - "You're Better Than This" PLUS Review

Pile You’re Better Than This Boston, MA (Exploding in Sound Records) You're Better Than This by pile The Boston head-smasher four piece has proven to be a formidable leader in the world of noise rock. Their fifth LP, You’re Better Than This, maintains that visceral crunch. Think back to ’90s Touch & Go and Dischord […]Read More »

LISTEN NOW: The Hiders - "Totem"

The Hiders Totem Cincinnati, OH (Self-released) Totem by The Hiders After a decade playing together, The Hiders have long figured out their strengths: splendid harmonies; slow-building, worth-the-wait songs; and, most of all, tight musicianship with perfectly chosen parts played for each moment. In addition to these strengths, Totem, the band’s fifth album, showcases well-crafted lyrics, […]Read More »

WATCH: Will Butler Live on Letterman PLUS Our Review of "Policy"

Will Butler Policy Montreal, QC (Merge Records) Capturing a blend of gritty art-pop, sadcore sensibilities and indie joy, this breakout LP is a bombastic, yet heartfelt bound towards making a name for himself outside of Arcade Fire. The 8-song release is a giddy departure from Butler’s main role as multi-instrumentalist in the aforementioned AF. Its loose […]Read More »

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