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VINYL OF THE MONTH: Marshmallow Coast - "Vangelis Rides Again"

VINYL OF THE MONTH Marshmallow Coast Vangelis Rides Again Athens, GA (Self-released) “Chilled guitar-based dream pop to haunt your late nights…” Listening to the new Marshmallow Coast LP is kinda like having a big ol’ bong-rip blown in your face outside of some seedy motel. But only kinda… Vangelis Rides Again is, for the most […]Read More »

Album review: The Waterfall by My Morning Jacket

The Waterfall by My Morning Jacket ATO/Capital Produced by: Jim James & Tucker Martine www.MyMorningJacket.com On their 7th studio production Louisville-based My Morning Jacket continues to masterfully hone their tradition of album production by being that band who doesn’t conform to the music business. Nor their own previous endeavors of recording an album, for that matter. […]Read More »

VINYL OF THE MONTH: The Fireworks - "Switch Me On"

VINYL OF THE MONTH The Fireworks Switch Me On Brighton & London, UK (Shelflife Records) “Wall-o-Noisepop masterpiece…” Switch Me On by The Fireworks Cut to snow-white vinyl, The Fireworks’ debut LP, Switch Me On, is a masterstroke of noise, feedback, reverb and 12-string jangle that’s basically the best Buzzcocks record the Buzzcocks never made. The […]Read More »

MUST LISTEN: the one and only PPL MVR

the one and only PPL MVR EP Hometown: Unknown (Elektra) The one and only PPL MVR delivers a sound as untamed as the “original species” themselves—and don’t dare call them Yetis. From whatever ancient world these unclassified creatures hail, they bring with them a very real breed of raw rock n’ roll. The lead single, […]Read More »

LISTEN NOW: Pile - "You're Better Than This" PLUS Review

Pile You’re Better Than This Boston, MA (Exploding in Sound Records) You're Better Than This by pile The Boston head-smasher four piece has proven to be a formidable leader in the world of noise rock. Their fifth LP, You’re Better Than This, maintains that visceral crunch. Think back to ’90s Touch & Go and Dischord […]Read More »

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