Tutlie – “Young Cries” Review

“Smart, intricate chamber pop that will challenge your imagination”

The emergence of Tutlie, a harmony-heavy chamber-pop/rock band, is marking a wonderful balance to the prolific guitar-heavy output coming out of Philadelphia as of late. Tutlie is a different animal altogether, one that wants to bathe in melody and use every nuanced flourish it can to express its love for music itself and the process of making it, from start to finish.

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Young Cries has been literally years in the making and it shows. The level of detail in the production is nothing if not meticulous and mercilessly thought-out. Those aforementioned flourishes – like the swells unexpectedly be found on Radlow’s vocals or keyboards throughout, or how the drums get pushed to the back of the mix during the second verse of “Freyja” – demonstrate that Young Cries wants to set a scene and tell a story, while discovering something new on every listen.

At the center of Young Cries, though, is the band’s fascination with harmony. Radlow’s vocals are talented enough to carry the show but the constant assault of Radlow and Klaptroth finding the perfect way to elevate the melody can be almost overwhelming at times.

With this debut, there’s no doubt the members of Tutlie are serious about making you hear the music in their heads. And if Young Cries is any indication, there will be more to come. Let’s hope so.

Tutlie - Young Cries
Young Cries
Philadelphia, PA
Produced by Drew Taurisano and Asher Brooks
Mixed by Drew Taurisano
Mastered by Tom Volpicelli

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