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MUST LISTEN: Lael Neale "I'll Be Your Man" Album Review + Video

Lael Neale  I’ll Be Your Man  Los Angeles, CA (Liberal Arts) Neale sparkles and shines here with her new full length, I’ll Be Your Man, conveying moods and sounds of the west, with country twang and folk vocals that are at times dark, dreamy and mysterious. The production quality of these twelve melodies is stellar. […]Read More »

MUST WATCH: Valery Gore "Idols in the Dark Heart" Review

Valery Gore is a Canadian goddess of indie pop, and Idols in the Dark Heart just may be her most ambitious record yet. The classically trained singer/songwriter plays around with electronically-charged melodies and distorted synthesizers to create this ear-melting sound, sure to blow you away. And if that isn’t enough, Gore’s vocals and songwriting really […]Read More »

Mirah - "Changing Light" Review & Video

“Lyrical depth combined with haunting melodies” Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn has been creating incorruptible independent pop music since the late 1990s. Now on her fifth solo album, Changing Light highlights her irresistible voice. With an impeccable control of her instrument, she is able to effortlessly slide from sultry tones to airy falsetto notes. “Fleetfoot Ghost” […]Read More »

Tutlie - "Young Cries" Review

“Smart, intricate chamber pop that will challenge your imagination” The emergence of Tutlie, a harmony-heavy chamber-pop/rock band, is marking a wonderful balance to the prolific guitar-heavy output coming out of Philadelphia as of late. Tutlie is a different animal altogether, one that wants to bathe in melody and use every nuanced flourish it can to […]Read More »

Ages and Ages - "Divisionary" Review

“Undeniable power pop tent revival music” Ages and Ages pull off their sound so well that it makes one wonder why more bands aren’t playing secular power pop revival songs. There’s no arguing that Divisionary is an extremely impressive album. It’s rhythmically exciting, able to be both technical and playful, and has carefully understated production […]Read More »

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