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Mirah - "Changing Light" Review & Video

“Lyrical depth combined with haunting melodies” Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn has been creating incorruptible independent pop music since the late 1990s. Now on her fifth solo album, Changing Light highlights her irresistible voice. With an impeccable control of her instrument, she is able to effortlessly slide from sultry tones to airy falsetto notes. “Fleetfoot Ghost” […]Read More »

Tutlie - "Young Cries" Review

“Smart, intricate chamber pop that will challenge your imagination” The emergence of Tutlie, a harmony-heavy chamber-pop/rock band, is marking a wonderful balance to the prolific guitar-heavy output coming out of Philadelphia as of late. Tutlie is a different animal altogether, one that wants to bathe in melody and use every nuanced flourish it can to […]Read More »

Ages and Ages - "Divisionary" Review

“Undeniable power pop tent revival music” Ages and Ages pull off their sound so well that it makes one wonder why more bands aren’t playing secular power pop revival songs. There’s no arguing that Divisionary is an extremely impressive album. It’s rhythmically exciting, able to be both technical and playful, and has carefully understated production […]Read More »

The Honey Trees - "Bright Fire" Review

“Introspective dream pop driven by full-bodied layers of strings, percussion and more…” Bright Fire is a hazy, dream pop album driven by carefully paced tempos, intricate harmonies and robust compositions. It is the long awaited debut from California natives The Honey Trees. For years now the duo has been making music on the West Coast […]Read More »

Sanders Bohlke - "Ghost Boy" Review Plus Album Stream

Sanders Bohlke’s Ghost Boy could not be more appropriately named. Haunting and visceral, this recording was inspired when Bohlke retreated to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia one winter and chronicles the loneliness he felt being so removed from society. The album opens a cappella with “Pharoah,” a beautiful song that turns into a a […]Read More »

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