Ages and Ages – “Divisionary” Review

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Indie Pop

“Undeniable power pop tent revival music”

Ages and Ages pull off their sound so well that it makes one wonder why more bands aren’t playing secular power pop revival songs. There’s no arguing that Divisionary is an extremely impressive album. It’s rhythmically exciting, able to be both technical and playful, and has carefully understated production that does the band’s live sound justice while also being big and expansive. The two tracks that kick off the LP show the potential for this band to start a dance party.

The album’s opener “Light Goes Out,” with its sharp changes and pulsing bass, sounds like what would happen if Of Montreal covered The Louvin Brothers. Most of the record lingers in mid-tempo pop songs that have a slight country edge. The tracks are mellow, but not too mellow.

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Put simply: they’re undeniably addicting songs that work really well together. But the moments when Ages and Ages go into hyper-drive are when the band is at its best.

album art ages and agesAges and Ages
Portland, OR
(Partisan Records)
Produced by Tony Lash and Rob Oberdorfer
Mastered by Alan Douches
Recorded at Jackpot! Studios and The Magic Closet

Follow the band on Twitter: @AgesandAges