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In Your Face… By Accident

After having a successful run with the Submarines, the band’s male half decided to take some time to develop his newest side project- Hong Hong Kong Kong. 

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John Dragonetti is working on his latest EP, and he sat down with Performer to discuss his next steps and a bit about the record. Dragonetti describes this album “more electronic and playful” than the Submarines albums. Using a mix of pre amps, old compressors, MS20s, vintage guitars and lots of analogue devices, Dragonetti skipped the entire demo process and just focused on writing and developing a record- but “if it’s not working, I just set it aside.”

Angling for more of a “in your face” sound, Dragonetti produced this EP and decided that he doesn’t have plans to tour on this record. He is “more of a recording person,” and he likes being in the studio. For now, he claims that he will focus on what he moved to Los Angeles to do- work on film and TV projects.

Dragonetti also suggested that he would not mind making another album with Submarines, but he also mentioned the possible extension of this Hong Hong Kong Kong EP into a full-length.

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