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NATHAN GRAY: How Satanic Philosophies Influenced a Neo-Folk Masterwork

If you’re a fan of neofolk, death rock, industrial, dark ambient and hardcore punk music, then the new solo EP from BOYSETSFIRE and I AM HERESY front man Nathan Gray is a must have for your collection.  This dark masterpiece can be described as a unique journey into symbolic enlightenment with its entrancing sounds and […]Read More »

ALGIERS on Crafting Socially-Conscious Post-Punk/Gospel Anthems

ALGIERS Combining Post-Punk & Gospel Traditions to Craft Socially-Conscious Anthems Algiers recently released their self-titled debut and their timing is impeccable. Their post-punk, gospel hymns are politically charged and have a hauntingly beautiful power. There is no denying that being from Atlanta played a role in determining Algiers’ place in the cultural and racial debate […]Read More »

Lou Barlow On The Paradoxical Importance of Well-Recorded Lo-Fi Albums

Lou Barlow On The Paradoxical Importance of Well-Recorded Lo-Fi Albums Lo-fi enthusiasts love to debate the origins of the genre. Was it Bruce Springsteen’s famously home-recorded Nebraska? Or was it Captain Beefheart’s Zappa-produced Trout Mask Replica in 1969? Surely The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie” or Ike Turner’s “Rocket 88” – arguably the first rock and roll record – meet […]Read More »

KIM EDWARDS: The November Cover Story PLUS New Video

KIM EDWARDS On Songwriting Techniques, Knowing Your Legalese & Allowing For Creative Maturity Wisdom and experience have helped shape singer/songwriter Kim Edwards’ Lovers and Loners EP, which was released September 25, into a soul-bearing listen on unrequited love, broken hearts and determination. Her first album, Wanderlust, was funded through Kickstarter dollars and was a little […]Read More »

Show Preview: Skyzoo at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe

In a genre contaminated with empty lyricism and even emptier artists parading as street poets, Skyzoo almost effortlessly elevates to a league of his own. His unwavering love and appreciation for real hip hop is illuminated in his collection of his mixtapes and records; 2009’s The Salvation showcased Skyzoo’s sharp lyrical proficiency as well as the rapper’s craftsmanship […]Read More »

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