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MUST LISTEN: Get to Know Austin's Young Tongue

Stu Baker on Reinventing Your Band While Keeping Your Lineup Intact Death Rattle by Young Tongue We recently had a chance to chat with Stu Baker, one of the leaders of Austin-based Young Tongue. The five-piece recently formed from the ashes of The Baker Family, which Stu formerly headed up with his wife Liz (now […]Read More »

MUST LISTEN: Tetherball's Steve Voss Deconstructs His Creative Process

Whimsy by Tetherball I had the good fortune to sit down a couple of weeks ago and have a lengthy discussion with Steve Voss from Tetherball to get inside the mind of musical genius, and to find out how he puts his own unique creative stamp on his recordings and live performances.  While the 1963 […]Read More »

An Interview With Jewish Rap Superstar Kosha Dillz

Awkward in a Good Way by Kosha Dillz Whether you know him as Kosha Dill, KD Flow, or Kosha Dillz, it is important to note that the Chosen People’s chosen rapper is wise beyond his years, or maybe just wise enough. Rami Matan Even-Esh, stage name Kosha Dillz, was born and raised in New Jersey […]Read More »

Best of 2014: Get to Know Xerxes

XERXES: Getting Back on the Horse to Regroup After Lineup Changes and a Lost Year of Productivity Collision Blonde by Xerxes Talking to Calvin Philley on a Sunday afternoon in early October was a little bit like a therapy session between perfect strangers. I’ve never met Philley. But the 22-years-old, who lives in Louisville and […]Read More »

Best of 2014: Get to Know Wampire

Wampire Records Direct-to-Tape & Goes Meta with Spooky Surf-Pop At Cackalack’s Hot Chicken Shack, a food cart in southeast Portland, Eric Phipps is running on E. As he cooks up boneless fried chicken breast, among other gravy-laden delicacies, the frontman behind Portland’s own Wampire is thinking through the details that make up his album-in-progress. He’s […]Read More »

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