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You Gotta WATCH This: TEAM* Shares Video for "I Like It"

TEAM* On The Importance of a Local Foothold, Founding Their Own Label and a Lifelong Commitment to Learning TEAM* – “I Like It” from Evan Kaufmann on Vimeo. Whether you spell their name with an asterisk or not, TEAM’s second EP, Good Morning Bad Day, has been drawn out of the urgency to deliver the […]Read More »

LISTEN NOW: Tigerman WOAH! Spits Folk-Punk Fire

Tigerman WOAH! Recording Appalachian Folk-Punk in Spare Bedrooms & Converted Sheds Up South vol. II by Tigerman WOAH! “I don’t read or write music.  So when I write songs, I’m ‘woahing’ them out in my head during the day at work.  I scrawl them down during lunch sometimes.  So the melody part, it’s always just […]Read More »

Get Behind Me, Satan: The Story of Acheron

Vincent Crowley of Acheron Reflects on a Career Fueled by Their Satanic Majesty’s Requests No other band keeps the unholy spirit of Satanic death metal alive in quite the sacrilegious light that Acheron does. Their latest album Kult Des Hasses, with its delightfully blasphemous and powerfully dominating sound, is sure to bring great joy to fans […]Read More »

How Rob Chapman Rallied a YouTube Army to Change Guitar Design FOREVER!

Sure, Rob Chapman is an excellent guitar player. If you have even a passing interest in the instrument, you’ve likely seen him (along with “Captain” Lee Anderton of Anderton’s Music Company in the UK) review countless products through their thoroughly entertaining and honest YouTube videos. And yes, Rob fronts a pretty excellent prog/rock/metal outfit called […]Read More »

How Wu-Tang & Suburban Rebellion Inspired Umass' Beatspill Radio Show

WMUA is housed in the back corner in the dingy basement of UMass Amherst’s campus center. Walk into this tiny studio, and chances are that you will find students busy putting together the latest and greatest playlists in all genres. Over the past few years, Miles Powell and John Holowitz have clocked a lot of […]Read More »

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