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Nick Thomas Opens Up About The Spill Canvas' 10 Year Anniversary Tour, Reflects On Musical Growth

Nick Thomas knows how to dive deep into the elusive waters of self-deprecating romanticism. In fact, it’s what 2005’s One Fell Swoop is hinged on. The Spill Canvas’ sophomore effort is a delicate balance of sobering epiphanies and the brutally unattainable—leading to popularity that culminated in a 10 year anniversary tour that kicked off earlier […]Read More »

The Griswolds' Tim John Talks The Making of Be Impressive

The Griswolds’ pulsating debut album, Be Impressive, showcases the Australian natives’ ability to be outrageously inventive as well as paint in a number of styles. Tribal rhythms collectively coincide with spines of harmonic distortion, making it the perfect barometer to measure the speed and lunacy of their impending stardom. Bassist Tim John recently spoke to Performer to share […]Read More »

Interpol's Sam Fogarino Explains There's 'No I in Threesome,' Gears Up for Two-Night Stand in Boston

Turn on the Bright Lights, Interpol’s debut album, was released 13 years ago and rightfully launched the New York based facet into the ever elusive indie stratosphere. It possessed a sort of darkly heroic surge; lyrical descents into desolation were eclipsed by a brassy yet lusty sway. Paul Banks was relentless in his baritone brilliance, Daniel Kessler held on […]Read More »

John Vanderslice Takes Us Behind The Scenes of Tiny Telephone Recording

John Vanderslice on Tiny Telephone: Giving Independent Bands Access to the Craft of Analogue Recording “This is what everyone gets wrong,” John Vanderslice explains as he prepares a pot of organic third-wave coffee. “They don’t heat up the cup, and that’s violence on fucking coffee, man.” He proceeds to show us how to warm the […]Read More »

Jessicka from Jack Off Jill Opens Up About the Band's Reunion

In the 90’s Goth-Riot-Grrls Jack Off Jill used to terrorize audiences from coast to coast with their glamorous bride-of-Chucky look, foul-mouthed lyrics and loud and obnoxious music. Fifteen years have passed since the dissolution of Jack Off Jill, but what the band created in those eight years they were together is still just as powerful […]Read More »

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