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Get to Know: The Maine

The evolution of The Maine has been quite the savory one. Their first album Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop is everything a debut record should be: self-thwarting, ambivalent, precarious. Airy harmonies and sweeping strings were on the brink of becoming the trademarks for the Arizona natives, but over the years they’ve switched up their style. Their […]Read More »

Amanda Kravat resumes music career with new EP

For someone who’s had her share of personal and professional setbacks over the past 15-plus years, Amanda Kravat is quick to laugh when talking about some of those experiences. She’s totally serious, though, about the circumstances that ultimately contributed to the end of her extended hiatus from a music career. “I was having debilitating panic […]Read More »

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Steve Austin from Today is the Day

Today Is The Day’s groundbreaking sound is full of intensity and trademarked odd time signatures, a fiercely militant rhythm section, rage-driven vocals and thought-provokingly lyrical content derived from harsh realism, the chaotic struggle for sanity, the enduring torment of painful memories and the determination of triumphant willpower. The trio of musical geniuses whose current lineup […]Read More »

Spotlight on Peter Joseph Burtt and The King Tide

Finding Inspiration on the Road and Around the World Drawn to music since childhood, Burtt starting making his first recordings in the 1960s on reel-to-reel tape, sending the recordings to relatives serving in Vietnam. “If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance,” says Burtt. This is one of the […]Read More »

Hometown Spotlight: Philadelphia Bands Reflect on Their Local Scene

American history and music history run deep in Philadelphia: Daryl Hall and John Oates, Boyz II Men, Pink and The Roots are among the many stars with ties to the city. (Philly also spawned American Bandstand and Philadelphia International Records.) But what’s happening today in the City of Brotherly Love? Three indie acts talk about […]Read More »

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