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An Artist's Perspective on the Brooklyn Scene

Musicians from various eras and genres have called Brooklyn’s neighborhoods their home. But in recent years, New York City’s most-populated borough has developed a reputation as an indie-rock hotbed. When asked about their locales, these Brooklyn artists offered some cool commentary. GRETA GERTLER GOLD Singer-pianist Greta Gertler Gold says the best part about living in […]Read More »

How to Turn Hodgepodge Home Recordings Into a Cohesive EP Featuring Ships Have Sailed

The notion of musicians engaging in side projects has become increasingly acceptable in recent years. If it isn’t someone fulfilling a lifelong dream to moonlight as the lead singer of their favorite band not called Linkin Park (Hello, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington!), then it’s someone who plays in multiple projects in the hope […]Read More »

Vintage Trouble: Trading Up To A Big-Time Label Without Sacrificing The DIY Work Ethic

In just four years, they’ve played Hyde Park and Wembley, toured with The Who, Kravitz and Bon Jovi, appeared on Leno, Letterman, and Jools, have been featured in commercials for Supercuts and Honda, just signed a record deal with Blue Note, and you’ve probably never heard of them. Well, that’s about to change. This is […]Read More »

Curtis Harding: The Performer Cover Story

The Soul Powerhouse on Shitty Guitars, Bum Notes and Being a Control Freak in the Studio Curtis Harding is no stranger to spreading the good news through music. Born in Saginaw, MI, the guitar playing vocalist (whose aptly-named Soul Power album just dropped on Burger Records) spent his childhood touring with his evangelist mom. But […]Read More »

Near-Death Van Crash Leads Screaming Females to Record Killer Live LP

Screaming Females Recount the Road to “Live at the Hideout” On their way to recording Live at the Hideout, Screaming Females lost control of their van. As they slid backwards down the frozen Interstate, they locked eyes with another driver, headed their way. In a blink, a semi-truck smashed into her minivan. Luckily, everyone survived, […]Read More »

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