TOUR TEST: Fortune’s Folly Puts the Audio-Technica System 10 PRO Wireless System Through its Paces

[Editor’s note – this fall we opened a nationwide search to find a band to test out the System 10 PRO Wireless system from Audio-Technica. We chose Fortune’s Folly, a super-fun band from Oregon to hit the road and gig live with the wireless mic and system for a few weeks. They blogged, shot some behind-the-scenes video and ultimately had the following to say about how well the system held up in a real-world live setting].

We had a wonderful experience with the Audio-Technica System 10 PRO Wireless Microphone System. After many headaches and irritations with our cabled mic set up, this was a refreshing and welcome change. Not only is the system easy to set up and use, the sound quality is also crisp and clear. We never experienced any popping or crackling, and the mute/power button is located on the bottom of the mic rather than the side, reducing the odds of accidentally hitting it. Every sound engineer we worked with mentioned how great it was that we had a wireless system and remarked on the simplicity of its operation. Just plug and play.

Another great thing about this mic is the usability. It traveled from the stage to the back of the venue each night at some point during the shows and took a beating from our wildly acrobatic singer; never once did it lose signal or volume. It’s lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap and doesn’t require large batteries so it remains comfortable to hold for several hours at a time, even without a mic stand.

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We have tried wireless systems in the past (mics and in-ear monitors) and experienced nothing but frustration with reduced sound quality and complicated operation. This microphone system has renewed our faith in going wireless. It’s convenient having fewer cables on stage and less gear to haul with us on the road to gigs. Our singer is able to get out into the crowd to dance without having to worry about tripping on anything or disconnecting a cable, thereby causing the speakers to pop and distract fans from our live show experience. Also, there is no reduction in sound quality, clarity, or signal compared to a cabled system which is extremely important to us. We would rather endure the inconvenience of cables than sacrifice tone and quality, but with the System 10 PRO we didn’t have to make that sacrifice.

As a band that is constantly on the go, either on the road to shows or dancing like crazy on stage, we highly recommend the System 10 PRO from Audio-Technica. For the price, one would expect a system of much lower quality but its professional grade audio, lightweight design and affordability make it an excellent choice for any performer.

And for more info on the System 10 PRO Wireless setup, check out

photos by Ian McCormick/Mistic Pics

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