GEAR REVIEW: VocoPro UHF-8900 Wireless Mic System

UHF-8900 Wireless Mic System – $1199
PROS: Easy setup, complete package.
CONS: Mic casings could be a bit more rugged.

Wireless systems were once a luxury only high end artists could afford. If multiple performers each needed a wireless mic, the price and complexity would go through the roof. VocoPro has brought the size and cost down to a fraction of what they used to be.

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Included in the package is a 2-rack space receiver unit, with more than 150 wireless frequencies available. The front panel has 8 receiving units (color coded to connect with a matching microphone), each with an LCD display that can cover gain, channels and the associated frequency that it’s using.

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It’s easy to connect and make adjustments, but having the manual handy to make sure of what’s being adjusted can speed things up during initial setup. Four antennas sit on the edges, while the rear panel contains 8 XLR outputs, and (2) 1/4” outputs – one for receivers 1-4, and the other from 5-8. It transmits at 900 MHz for channels 1-4 and at 600MHz for 5-8. The 8 mics come with 8 mic clips, plenty of batteries and a foam-lined metal case (nice touch).

Setup is easy; the menus allow a simple setup to assign the microphones to their respective receivers. If 8 mics are too much, say 6 mics and 2 instruments are all that’s needed, the other channels can also be configured to work with separate body pack transmitters (not included). The system provides a lot of flexibility with these kinds of options. The range is approximately 40 feet from the receiver, more than enough for a decent size stage.

It clocks in at $1199 (street), and while the sound quality is great the only bummer is the microphone casings are made out of a hard plastic. While they feel durable, mic drops are certainly not recommended. So who needs an 8-mic wireless microphone unit? For a boy/girl band this is can eliminate a lot of sound reinforcement issues at a decent price, without a lot of complexity. Of course, most of our readers aren’t future Backstreet Boys, so the other obvious recommendation is for vocal-heavy groups or bands with lots of vocal harmonies (or back-up singers) who want more stage flexibility – perhaps the next Polyphonic Spree? Another great application would be for a pro sound company for events such as conferences and the like.

-Eight UHF PLL wireless microphones
-Frequency Scan finds interference-free channels
-More than 150 wireless frequencies available
-LCD display shows frequency and other info
-19-inch rack mountable chassis, 2RU
-Eight balanced XLR outputs
-Two 1/4-inch unbalanced mixed outputs

For more info, visit VocoPro online.

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