VIDEO: How to Set Up Your Rehearsal Space with JBL, AKG + Soundcraft

We recently hooked up with the amazing First to Eleven to show how you can set up a complete rehearsal space rig from the ground up, and get killer gear that won’t break the bank as a way to step up any practice space you may have put together in the past.

If you’re just getting your band set up now for rehearsal sessions and want to step up your game, this series is for you.

In Episode 1, we unbox all the gear we’re going to use to practice with — stay tuned for more as we hook everything up and show it all in action!

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AKG P5S Microphones:

Soundcraft Notepad 12ch Mixer:

JBL EON710 PA Speakers:

JBL EON718S powered subwoofer:

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