Yamaha MGP16X Mixer

by | Jul 26, 2012 | Best Studio Mixers, How to Mix Live Sound, Live Mixers

PROS: Plenty of channels, good FX selection, iPhone compatibility.

CONS: Might be overkill for the average band.

PRICE: $799

Yamaha makes items that range from motorcycles to musical instruments. With their MGP Series of mixers, they’re bringing their high standards of quality to new applications of sound reinforcement.

The unit we received was the 16-channel model, the MGP16X. Each channel has 1/4” and XLR inputs, as well as a compressor, EQ, (2) FX controls, panning and a linear fader. Phantom power is available, as well, for mics that require it. While it does come configured for a tabletop, the side brackets to convert it to rack use are inverted into the side moldings. Remove a few screws, flip them over, reinstall the screws, and it’s set for a standard rack: a nice touch for pro users. 

For effects, there are two independent channels, so adding combinations of effects is easy and controllable. However only one of the FX channels has the Tap function enabled. The sounds are great, and they aren’t overpowering. Dedicated monitor outputs give this a lot more flexibility for live use.

The headphone out has many applications as well, for monitoring, as well as previewing output before applying a signal to the mix.  One unique feature is the “ducker” function, which lowers the volume of background music whenever a signal is engaged – excellent when combined with its iPod/iPhone connectivity. With a USB connection, an iPod or iPhone can be used to send audio to or from the mixer. Recording a practice session just became super easy!

This is not just a unit for live use. With all of the inputs and outputs, this makes an excellent mixer for home recording, with plenty of channels and output options to a multi-track recorder.

It’s a lot to digest; yes it’s a mixer, but all the routing and outputs make for a very useful (and robust) unit. For most bands, this might be a little much for basic needs, and it might be more suited as a good FOH mixer for a small club, considering its capabilities and features. But for musicians looking for all the bells and whistles (that actually work), the MGP16X fits the bill. Another winner from Yamaha.


10 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power and HPF per Channel

16 Line Inputs (8 mono and 4 stereo)

Additional 2TR Inputs to accept the output from analog devices or iPod/iPhone

2 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends

4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus