VIDEO: Daniel Blume Unboxes an Audio-Technica Drum Mic Package

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Audio-Technica Presents: How to Record Drums

Last month, we selected Daniel Blume as the winner in our recent Audio-Technica Drum Mic Package Studio Challenge.

So we shipped him the following package, which he’ll use to craft some exciting video demos for us in the weeks ahead:

  • ATM450 Condenser Mics (overheads and Hi Hat)
  • ATM230PK 3-pack of Dynamic Mics (Toms)
  • ATM250 Dynamic Mic (Kick)
  • ATM650 Dynamic Mic (Snare)

For now, check out the unboxing below, and be sure to subscribe to Daniel’s YouTube channel for fresh updates every week.

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