MyVolts Ripcord USB Power Cable Review

MyVolts Ripcord is the first true plug ‘n play anywhere USB power cable for guitar pedals, amps, synths and more.

So many great little ideas fall under the “why hasn’t someone thought of this already?” category. The MyVolts Ripcord plug and play USB power cable is one of them.

Simply put, it’s a cable with the standard USB connection for a computer, hub, or even the little white power blocks that charge an iPhone at one end, and a 2.5mm connection that’s become the industry standard for powering pedals, drum machines and the like at the other end. In between there is a little plastic “bump” or block that more than likely contains the electronics that regulates the power to the device.

MyVolts Ripcord USB power cable

MyVolts Ripcord USB power cable

In practical use, it’s great to have a laptop running, with let’s say a SansAmp or similar pedal. Plug the USB end into the laptop, and the power end into the pedal. The laptop will now power the pedal. No need for individual power supplies (or fresh batteries). It really can reduce the clutter of cables, especially in a situation where there may not be as many power outlets. How many times have you seen someone get their foot caught on a cable and everything goes crashing around like a cartoon?

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It can even be used with a powered USB hub. With multiple Ripcords, it’s a great way for powering let’s say a drum machine, portable synth, and or guitar pedals without all those wall warts. For guitarists, this could eliminate the need for expensive power supplies for pedalboards; a 4-port usb hub can run 4 pedals, which is great for smaller pedalboards!

Ripcord power cable connectivity chart

Ripcord power cable connectivity chart

At $8.99 they are available now. The one MyVolts sent us really only works for standard 9v devices, single pedals like Boss, MXR, TC Electronic, and the like. But for really power hungry pedals like the larger Line 6 and dual Boss pedals, it won’t cut it. MyVolts does offer other versions that can handle those kinds of pedals and devices through their website. Simply put, it really adds the “Universal” to USB!


Great idea, reduces cable clutter, inexpensive, perfect for when you don’t have batteries or traditional wallwart power supply adapters handy.



What do you think of the new Ripcord USB cable? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out more guitar effects pedals and accessory reviews from Performer Magazine. 

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