MEET YOUR MAKER: Moises Linares Of Singular Sound

We recently caught up with Moises Linares (Media Manager) of Singular Sound — makers of BeatBuddy and Aeros Loop Studio — to bring you a bit more about the company and their products — we hope you enjoy what they have to offer (it might just be the thing you didn’t know you NEEDED)! 

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Ten years.

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What launched Singular Sound?

Singular Sound is a Miami-based music company specializing in next-generation equipment for guitarists, bassists and more. Their flagship product, the BeatBuddy, arrived in 2014, after attaining record-setting support from Indiegogo investors. The BeatBuddy offers professionally recorded drum loops for live performance and studio settings, with premier usability and customization.

The company has carried that momentum and passion into a full line of products. It now offers the Aeros Loop Studio: a looper pedal with DAW capabilities, the MIDI Maestro: a MIDI foot controller with built-in presets and streamlined functionality, and the Cabli: a device for easily wrapping and organizing any audio cable. Singular Sound works with performers and artists across the globe to develop updates for their products and grow the global community of musicians creating with BeatBuddy, Aeros and more.

[Editor’s note – here’s a short excerpt from our recent Aeros review:

“For experienced loop fanatics, this is a big leap into a user-friendly system with the large display and overall features and looping range. For novices or intermediate users who like the idea of looping but have a hard time figuring out where they are, this could be your gateway to a better experience (and more creative sessions).

A great application would be to load in individual tracks and parts from an actual DAW session and use the Aeros as a playback device. For EDM users this could easily be THE playback game changer, for solo artists, importing their own backing tracks from their latest EP could mean touring without a full band, or rhythm section but maintaining a true-to-form performance, and the ability to swap parts around on the fly for unique arrangements or extending parts for solos and the like really opens things up beyond a canned backing track.

It’s a serious piece of kit, for the serious looper, but it’s not something to have to re-arrange your life to figure out how to incorporate into a live setting. We love the creativity it affords today’s artists, the ease of use, and the way it fits the modern workflow. Highly recommended.”]

Which are your most popular products?

The Aeros Loop Studio & BeatBuddy 

What sets you apart from other companies in the field?

Portability and audio quality.

What is an especially innovative piece of the Singular Sound story?

Creating innovative audio gear using MIDI files to record and perform music. 

What’s the one thing you want musicians to think of when Singular Sound comes to mind?

Easy to use and intuitive interfaces.

What’s the average price per product?

Between $349-$699 

Where can people learn more?

You can visit our website at and follow us on Instagram at @singularsound

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