D&A Guitar Gear Releases GIG STRAP Massaging Guitar Strap Attachment

D&A Guitar Gear Gig Strap

D&A Guitar Gear has been committed to the reinventing and remastering of the most important guitar accessories:  guitar stands & hangers. The D&A goal has been the elimination of inherently faulty designs in these products for one purpose: the ultimate achievement in safety and security for your instruments.  Introducing the D&A ‘GIG STRAP Massaging Guitar Strap Attachment’ with pressure point technology. This is D&A’s first product dedicated not to health and safety of the guitar, but to the health and safety of the ‘guitarist’.  It has been designed meticulously to assist in the relief of pain & aching that can manifest from hours of a heavy instrument resting on a player’s shoulder.  It also assists as a preventative to any of those symptoms that many and countless guitarists/bassists face.

Gig Strap

Gig Strap

Up until January 2017, D&A hosted a product line of 11 world class, musician tested, tour approved, studio approved, rock solid, best of class guitar stands and wall hangers, known as “the world’s most technologically advanced guitar gear”.  Rewind back to 2015, when the idea of an add-on to a guitar strap; a pad that would help alleviate pains and stresses to a players upper back and shoulder, was proposed to RKS Design CEO and Founder Ravi K. Sawhney by friend and world renowned guitarist Michael ‘Fish’ Herring.   As Sawhney committed to work with ‘Fish’ and the RKS team in bringing this idea to fruition, 2 years of research and development would follow. It consisted of everything you’d expect, like what materials would be best used, aesthetics, and market research, but most importantly and most impressively the study of the human anatomy, nerve ending maps, pressure points, muscle relief, etc., in the respective target areas. “Just as we’d been successful in doing through our existing D&A product line-up, we wanted to help solve yet another epidemic that guitarists and bassists face by bringing them relief from the aches and pains from years of playing”, says Ravi Sawhney, CEO and Founder of RKS Design (the parent company to D&A).

At the following 2016 winter NAMM expo in southern California, when D&A launched its then new HYDRA triple guitar stand, a working prototype of the Gig Strap was present and found its way into the curious hands of many dealers, distributors and players, fortunate to be introduced to the prototype at the show.  The response to it, then, was not surprisingly overwhelming.  M.I. reps, dealers, distributors, professional musicians, and recording artists alike were mesmerized at the possibilities of what this new pad was claimed to be able to do.

Gig Strap Technology

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Enter the Gig Strap.  Fast Forward to the present – winter NAMM 2017 ushered in the launch of D&A’s Gig Strap pressure point pad, now available to the M.I. industry and
consumer market.

“I am honestly blown away at the response that I’ve seen with what I thought maybe perceived as gimmicky.  RKS Design doesn’t do gimmicky… they design and engineer only real technology, and believe it or not there is a heaping amount of technology that has gone into this simple, easy to use, 100% functioning Gig Strap… it simply works.” – TONE Scott, Director of D&A.

The Gig Strap uses high quality materials such as Neoprene, Velcro, and dual hardness T.P.E polymer to complete its construction.   There are 26 unique rigid studs that apply systematically targeted pressure to the shoulder area using the weight of the guitar.  The non-uniform stud layout is designed to concentrate the weight of the guitar onto those pressure points that can be problematic for players. “It hits the right pressure points on your back and shoulders using the guitars weight, allowing hours of more playing time!” – world renowned guitarist and co-creator, Michael ‘Fish’ Herring.  Even this early, it has been seen used to grace the straps on heavy shouldered brief cases, computer bags, backpacks, etc., and though it has been designed for the guitar strap, the possibilities for this product seem very wide and diverse, outside of the music market.

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