WATCH NOW: EagleWolfSnake Premieres “Empty Weather” Video

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Videos

Remember when videos used to be cool, and stuff was all messed up and kinda surreal and you were like, “What the F is going on? I love this!” Yeah, we do too. Which is why we’re stoked to premiere the new video for  “Empty Weather” by San Francisco-based EagleWolfSnake. More info after the jump – and be sure to cop their new LP ZANG!, out 10/30/15.

About “Empty Weather”

“We recently had a friend who lost his mom to a long painful fight with cancer and it made us think about what he must be feeling and what will happen when we lose our mom’s and the relationships we currently have with them. The phrase Empty Weather we made up to identify the place or void that exists after death and before life. One of our members has a story from his mom that she made a deal with him on the astral plane and completely conspired to bring him into the world. One night when she knew the timing was right she seduced his dad and bam! one more baby. The lyrics in the song “rocky mountain album outcome” are a reference to her laying in bed listening to John Denver knowing that she had accomplished her goal of bringing another being into the world.”

About the video

“We wanted to make something that wasn’t really a story of the song but more in line with a representation of a live show and basically all about fun. We love the old Talking Heads videos and some of the trippier video’s from the 80’s and 90’s like The Flaming Lips “She Don’t Use Jelly”. We were also inspired by the photos from the Holi Festival in India where they gather in the thousands in the Spring and throw colored dye at each other. We liked it so much that we tried doing it live at the Bottlerock Festival in California, it looked awesome and was lots of fun…..but we did get in a bit of trouble with our stage crew (sorry guys we owe you one).  Since we were the only ones getting dirty in the video we figured why not, we also might try it at a show again sometime we’ll just have to bring parkas for everyone :)”