WATCH: Music producer Ron Flieger finds inspiration between space and time

Sometimes the best inspiration is found on the journey, in the spaces and time between places. We’re all shaped by experience – where we’ve been and what we’ve seen. Electronic music producer and remixer to the stars, Ron Flieger taps into that experience as the source of his passion and creativity. Wherever he has been based, German born, London educated, Ron Flieger has been immersed in music. Influenced in his youth by the guitar-led indie sounds of the UK, Flieger is now based back in his hometown of Berlin, where he is inspired by the scope and freedom of the city’s dance music scene. Flieger has made this clash of space and time and culture and experience his own. We watch as he travels between London and Berlin in the course of his musical journey, and on the search of the creative spark.

A renowned singer and songwriter in his own right, Flieger’s career explosion occurred after a meeting with Foster The People at a show in Berlin. The band’s 21st Century indie and his rhythmic virtuosity combined to create an infectious remix of ‘Call It What You Want’. The list of official remixes he’s crafted since reads like a who’s who of the decade’s coolest. Ladyhawke, Crystal Fighters, Metric. Flieger’s biggest goal with any work, regardless of genre or style is to build a “Trojan Horse”, a tune that seems one thing on the surface but that has an unexpected way of working its way into the listeners mind.

With his mix of influences, geographic, cultural, musical, Flieger has a unique ability to create in any situation – it’s no surprise that his hero is genre-bending producer Rick Rubin. Whether working in a world-class recording studio, travelling in the confined space of an airplane, or home alone, he finds the influences and opportunities to build his next project, whether that’s remixing, producing or song writing. Flieger still loves to travel, taking every opportunity to visiting every corner of the globe. But sometimes coming home is the best way of making use of what was found on the journey.

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