Redvers – “Laughing At Rainbows” Video Premiere

The music video for “Laughing At Rainbows” by Redvers was shot in a pristine environment in the Blue Mountains of Australia in an area once inhabited by indigenous Australians.

“There are rock paintings that are apparently the oldest found in the Blue Mountains, and depending on who you talk to, the area is also well-known for UFO sightings,” explains Justin Gill, the man behind Redvers and the star of the clip along with his siblings who have been visiting this secret location since they were kids.

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It can be argued, however, that the real stars here are the mountains, shot with nothing more than an iPhone.

“It’s a spectacular lookout with breathtaking views,” Gill says. “I’ve seen some incredible sights in Switzerland and Argentina, but this place makes me happy I grew up in the Blue Mountains. I’m really happy we got to include a lot nature, lots of sun, and my family. To me they all represent softness and simplicity.”

With so much nature on display, it’s interesting that the first sign of civilization seen in the clip is a Sub Pop sticker on Gill’s guitar case. With tunes that bear sonic resemblace to Sub Pop artist Iron & Wine, one wonders if Gill cites that band’s Sam Beam as an influence.

“When I wrote ‘Laughing At Rainbows,’ my girlfriend said it reminded her of Iron & Wine,” Gill remembers. “I’d never heard of him, so she gave me one of his albums and I absolutely loved it.”

“The modern Sub Pop has some amazing bands,” Gill continues. “It’s always nice to see something totally real and intelligent when pop culture is dumbing down the masses with things like the Kardashians. And of course I’m a Nirvana and Kurt Cobain freak.”

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