MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: RadaR Debuts “G.U.N. (Give Up On The Now)”

Performer is excited to be debuting the music video from RadaR for the new single “G.U.N. (Give Up On The Now).”

It’s a track full of yearning and self-exploration, with the video being a reflection of that using psychedelic camera effects.

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Coming from diverse realms of rock, Charles (lead vocals and keys), Robzie (Drums), and Jay (guitarist) joined forces creating something authentic and fresh. While they have different backgrounds ranging from punk to pop, the common denominator is the genuine passion for rock and roll and appreciation of artistic self-expression. The trio has been unleashing rebel yell after rebel yell in a DC garage since.

After numerous tours and enterprises throughout Europe, UK, and parts of the States, Jay, Charles and Robzie landed side-by-side. Mindblown, they believe that their love of music and pursuits in creating music brought them together. They think that much like actual radars, people send frequencies into the world through every action they take and thought they have, leading to finding and being found by others on the same wavelength. RadaR celebrates their trek through the deep resonating sounds and thumping rhythms they make together. The band sees life as a journey most relished when you acknowledge and trust your inner radar.

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